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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Freelance Writing Jobs: Attract More High Paying Assignments Than You Can Possibly Handle

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Despite the fact that the World Wide Web has created a huge growing market for writers, freelance writing jobs are still not easy to come by. Or are they?

How do you explain the fact that many leading online writers have more freelance writing jobs than they can possibly handle. And all the clients are more than willing to pay the price that they have asked for?

You are about to discover the magic formula most of these writers use to land many more jobs than they can possibly handle. They then have to go through the pleasurable process of selecting which particular freelance writing jobs they want to do (obviously the ones that they will enjoy doing most).

It is really very simple. All you need to do is start by setting up a page advertising your online freelance writing services. Write about it in an attractive manner that will attract freelance writing jobs for you. Include the price or fee you wish to charge per article or freelance writing job.

Once you have finished doing this, the next step is to simply get as many other sites and blogs to link to this page in your blog or site, as possible. This is much simpler to achieve than you think. In a moment I will give you a simple technique on how to do this, but first I would like to emphasize a very important point.

It is absolutely critical that you consistently continue to build up the number of links pointing to your site for a s long a period as you can. The nature of links is such that at times some of your busiest will suddenly run dry. Thus the only way to maintain a constant flow of high traffic through your links is to keep on accumulating them consistently all the time.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Internet Content Provider: How To Ensure That You Always Have More Writing Job Offers Than You Can Handle

The demand for a good Internet content provider is huge and growing all the time. The problem is that many an Internet content provider hardly acknowledges this fact and neither do they understand why there is such a huge and growing demand for their services online.

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Apart from the number of blogs just exploding out there (it is said that there are 40,000 new ones created daily) the rise of such lucrative PPC affiliate programs such as Adsense has created a huge new demand for well written, entertaining and yet keyword-rich articles. This means a huge, growing and virtually insatiable market out there for a good reliable Internet content provider. Sadly, few are fully exploiting the situation.

Internet Content Provider Strategy

I know dozens of fledging Internet content providers who have no idea how to select keyword phrases that will get the attention of search engines, thus guaranteeing tons of free traffic. Yet they expect webmasters to give them content writing assignments.

There is no way that you will be an effective Internet content provider without this skill that is so easy to learn. Start with your very own blog designed to attract traffic from your would-be clients. Learn how to select keyword phrases that are not to competitive and within a few weeks you will not only have huge numbers in traffic, but some of them will be converted into your regular clients for the Internet content provider services you are offering.

Do apply for Adsense and get an affiliate program running so that you maximize on the revenue from the traffic you are receiving.

There is really no other way of ensuring a huge and steady flow of clients who will pay your asking price (within reason) for your Internet content provider services. Visiting sites where writing jobs are posted and doing the other things many Internet content providers do in search of clients will not cut it. In fact it will only put you in direct competition with other Internet content providers and writers and the result is that even if you are lucky enough to land an assignment or two, it will be at a rate that is just too low.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online entrepreneur and publisher.

Internet Content Provider India: You Can't Afford To Ignore Them

There is no doubt that Internet content providers from India have already had a huge impact on the online writing freelance market.

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However the interesting thing is that most content providers from other parts of the world and mostly those based in the United States have simply chosen to ignore them. As Internet content providers based in India continue to win one online writing assignment after another, many are simply writing them off as low quality writers who hardly stand a chance in the competitive world market for content providers.

Actually this is the same mistake folks in other industries in The United States did to products coming in from China and to a lesser extent India and are today deeply regretting their folly because it is too late to do anything about it.

It is useful to study the advantages many an Internet content provider from India has over other competing content providers based in other parts of the world.

Internet content provider India Enjoys Much Lower Costs
One huge advantage that the Internet content provider from India brings to the table is the unbelievably low costs of living they seem to enjoy in India. The result is that they can charge low single-digit-dollar figures for each article they churn out and still end up not only paying their bills, but also greatly prospering. This is an advantage that cannot be ignored because one of the things the Internet has done is to open up business to the entire world meaning that geographical barriers have come crashing down. Customers are no longer limited to choosing a local service provider, they can actually select one from any part of the world if they can get a price advantage and still end up with acceptable quality.

This is why despite the language issues, it seems many webmasters and blog owners feel that the quality of Internet content provision they are getting from India is good enough. In fact many webmasters who can hardly write themselves find it very easy to make slight changes and corrections to the content they receive from India and end up with very acceptable quality to use on their sites. Others have even found Internet content providers from India who are able to produce quality content that has no American language or grammar issues in it.

One Does Not Require A Picasso for Internet content
I have met some perfectionist Internet content providers who are busy killing themselves and their businesses ensuring that every piece of writing they produce is a work of art. There is even one particular one who has painstakingly produced a sort of rigid template that writers should stick to for every article they write for him. He has ended up very frustrated and now firmly believes that he is one of the very few online writers on earth who can write decent copy.

Maybe he's right, but then he and others like him are missing the point because the really successful people in this business are the ones able to churn out quantity at reasonable quality. This is something many an Internet content provider from India seems able to do.

So how does somebody compete with low cost Internet content providers from India and elsewhere in the world?

You really have to make sure you get your marketing right. While it is difficult to compete in the open market where webmasters are looking for the cheapest possible content provider and increasingly favoring those from India, you can change the rules by creating a blog to attract potential clients to. This is the perfect forum where you can convince them why they should pay a premium for your content provision services. This would be the excellent opportunity for you to charge double or even triple what you would have ordinarily asked for.

The fact that there are so many cheap Japanese and Korean cars in the market does not mean there is no market for Cadillac, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and a host of other extremely expensive automobiles.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online entrepreneur and publisher.

Freelance Writer Advertising Techniques That Work

Effective advertising is an extremely valuable skill that every freelance writer needs to possess. More so online where there is growing competition from all over the world.

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Many times a freelance writer based in the United States or somewhere in Europe will find that they have to compete with a writer from another part of the world. Quite often living costs in that particular part of the world may be substantially lower. This means that the freelance writer from there can easily get away with advertising their services at a fraction of your rates and still live like a king.

The Freelance Writer Should Make Use of Online Advertising Tools
If you read the early history of Google, you will notice that their search engine became a big success without any offline advertising. To this day when Google is a $100 billion company, the founders and senior management do not believe in offline advertising.

Actually there are enough tools online to enable any business or service to quietly advertise their services. In advertising their services, freelance writers should take full advantage of them. For instance they can ask for referrals from satisfied clients or they can set up a blog to showcase the effectiveness of their work. You really can't find advertising for a freelance writer that is more powerful and effective than actually showing the impact of your work on the profitability and success of your clients.

Successful Freelance Writers Are Always Advertising Their Services
Once a freelance writer has designed their advertising strategy, they should constantly use it to generate a steady flow of leads. It is from these leads that they will be able to get actual clients on an ongoing basis.

Effective advertising for freelance writers is an increasingly important skill that is badly required as competition online continues to increase in leaps and bounds.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online entrepreneur and publisher.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Self Publisher PR Basics You Must Understand

To successfully replace all their other marketing efforts with Image building and PR marketing, a self publisher needs to understand two very important truths about PR.

a) Good PR is Referral Marketing And Word Of Mouth
The whole objective of good PR is to get people talking and the word of mouth advertising happening. Unlike advertising that seeks to pass the message directly to the target audience PR world best as a tool that triggers off word of mouth. Human nature is such that people gossip about interesting things and controversial stuff. It is therefore absolutely important that a self publishers’ message falls into either or both these two categories.

b) Understanding Positioning Is Important
Positioning is really the space in the mind that the name of your business or blog occupies. The mind rather than store everything tends to edit out unimportant information. The result is that the mind will tend to remember the top three or two names in most categories. For example if you mention Colas or soft drinks, the first two names that come to mind are Coke and Pepsi. So what happens if you want to launch a new soft drink to compete with Coke and Pepsi. You will need to cleverly position it and one of the ways of doing this is by creating a new sub-category, say one for Uncolas or non-cola soft drinks like 7-Up.

Done successfully, this will mean that you will be at the top of the mind when people think of that sub category which is much easier than getting their minds to include you in their existing category lists as a number 3 or 4.

Positioning is very important in successful PR and image building more so for a self publisher who is bound to have products like email newsletters and books which will all need to be carefully positioned in the mind of the prospect to be successful.


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Every Self Publisher Should Know The Reason Why A Bad Boy, Bad Girl, Image Sells Like Crazy

Every self publisher should know that the reason why a Mr-Nice-guy image doesn’t sell is simply because it hardly rings true. This is the reason why blogs belonging to self publishers who are brutally honest in their posts are very popular.

Who does not want to read about the self publisher blogger housewife having an affair with her husband’s best friend? This is shockingly sick and bizarre behavior, but it happens in every day life and millions of housewives probably fight the temptation or urge to do the same while some simply don’t have the guts to dare follow through with their dangerous, unbridled inner passions.

All humans have a certain dark side we must constantly fight and keep from taking control of our lives. A self publisher simply being honest about that side can make a huge difference in the popularity of a blog. The perception created in the minds of readers about such a blogger rings true and is much more believable.

Armed with this information a self publisher can begin to work on the best-selling image that they want to build for themselves right from the posts they make at their blog or site. And they can do it one sentence at a time.


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Self Publisher, Learn This From Paris Hilton's Image And Stay On The Mind Of Your Prospects All The Time

Paris Hilton has consistently stayed at the very top of search engine searches for months and many a self publisher has cashed in on her name to win huge chunks of traffic to their sites via search engines.

There are many other beautiful young ladies in the world but this particular one has managed the feat of staying on people’s minds for a long time.

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What this proves is that all a self publisher needs to be able to draw huge traffic online, is a carefully crafted PR or image strategy. In the old offline days this meant distributing news releases to the media or drawing media attention in a certain direction of interest. In today’s wonderful world of blogs, the blog itself is a powerful media for communicating any message you want to get across.

What would usually take ages to painstakingly build in the offline world of newspaper editors and TV news anchors who have to be persuaded or cajoled into using a news release, takes a few hours or a few days at the most to accomplish, online. All a self publisher really needs are a few posts at their own blog and even at somebody else’s.

Focusing on creating the right image that will drive loads of traffic to your blog and get other bloggers to link to your posts like crazy is an objective that will pay off big for any self publisher. It is certainly well worth the effort of learning the basics of PR and image creation. This is the sort of learning from experts that can easily be done online for free.

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Self Publisher: Learn This From Mike Tyson's Image And Become An Overnight Sensation

For an online self publisher to understand the power of image in revenue generation, a careful study of Mike Tyson will help a great deal.

The absolutely amazing thing every self publisher keen on succeeding in their online business should know about this boxer is that long after he had clearly lost his magic on the ring, he was still selling out tickets to his fights. And that is how he was able to attract bigger purses than the current champions and title holders.

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What sells those tickets and still draws huge crowds wherever he goes, is his image. Mike Tyson’s bad boy image is proof that what anybody needs is just the appropriate image, not necessarily a good image. A few Hollywood movie stars have discovered this little secret and are laughing all the way to the bank. They are the ones that sell millions of copies of supermarket tabloids whenever they are on the cover but still get paid double figure millions for every movie appearance they make.

For a self publisher to succeed at what they do, they have to attract the interest of the public. Yet the sad thing is that many self publishers are writers and writers are artists and we all know that artists are built different. Many of them do not have a head for figures or the sort of discipline and consistency that is required to bring success to an SEO campaign to get massive traffic arriving at their sites.

The main weapon many born artist self publishers have is creativity. So why not use what you have and cultivate the sort of image that will draw huge trafic to your blog or site?

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A Self Publisher Can Ignore SEO, Ignore PPC And Still Be A Huge, Sensational Success

If you are the sort of online self publisher who winces every time they come across the words SEO or PPC, here is some news to get your blood boiling with excitement.

You can ignore SEO, you can ignore paying out valuable dollars for PPC (pay-per-click) traffic and you can also ignore other success basics like building an opt-in email list and still end up being a very successful online self publisher.

It is interesting how SEO (search engine optimization) has become a nightmare to many a self publisher in recent times when search engines rules have been changing too drastically and too frequently. It is now common to have your site virtually wiped out overnight from search engine rankings because of a sudden change in policy. It is a nightmare many self publishers have had to live with.

This makes any talk of throwing SEO into the nearest dustbin all the more exciting for many self publishers.

But just how realistic is it and what will replace these trusted traffic generation tools?

Actually the truth is that in recent times a number of bloggers have demonstrated how powerful simply cultivating an appropriate image can be. Brands spend millions building an image and many untalented celebrities continue to earn millions simply because of the reputation they have carefully and deliberately developed over time.

Apparently a blog is also a medium of communication that can be used powerfully to build a desired image quickly and virtually overnight. Some bloggers have simply taken cautious aim at a well know name in their industry and fired a well constructed and carefully thought-out salvo of criticism at them. The effects have been amazing. Some of these blogs have picked up several hundred high traffic links within a few hours and overnight they have become famous as the blogger who challenged Goliath.

No SEO, no purchase of links and certainly no advertising and yet a self publisher moves from oblivion to stardom and a huge audience in one deft stroke. It is certainly not easy but it is definitely worth studying and developing the necessary image building skills that will enable any publisher to ignore SEO and get way with it.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Most Recent Hot Articles Posted At This Blog

Most Recent Hot Articles Posted

1) Self Publisher Online Profits Without A Dime Invested

2) Self Publishers And Content Providers Use This Single Tool To Generate All The Traffic That They Need

3) Self Publishers Drowning In Traffic Use Their Content And Articles In These Four Ways

4) Self Publishers: High Earners Make A Significant Part of Their Income From Affiliate Programs

5) Self Publisher Secret That The High Revenue Earners Don’t Want you To Know

6) Self Publisher Who Appreciates The Power Of Blogs Is Bound To Be More Successful

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Quick writer's tip: When you're writing about a character, the contraditions in their lives make them more real and interesting. Like the vicious serial killer who never forgets to send mother's day flowers. Now that makes a reader sit up and pay attention.

In a writer's prose there are always seemingly small details that speak volumes. Take diamond earrings as an example of what I am trying to say here.

Self Publisher Online Profits Without A Dime Invested

To generate profits every self publisher requires lots of traffic to their blog or site. It is from that targeted traffic that the self publisher will be able to generate their income. Either by getting enough subscribers to their advertising email newsletter or getting the right numbers to pay for their paid email newsletter. Not to mention being able to expose a published book to enough people to be able to generate sales online.

Many online self publishers have a budget for online and offline ads to help them generate the valuable targeted traffic that they usually require to succeed. The truth is that the vast majority of successful self publishers online, usually spend a significant amount of money every month on their Internet marketing and do indeed end up with a good return on their cash investment.

Still, make no mistake about it, the free approach works too. You just have to know what your are doing and admittedly you also have to be highly skilled. The up side is that these skills required for a self publisher to succeed at generating enough traffic at their site, can easily be learned by virtually anybody determined enough to be successful. A reasonably good content provider is really all you require. If as a self publisher you are already a useful content provider as well, then the whole thing becomes very easy.

While it is true that most self publishers rely on paid PPC pay-per-click ads to generate traffic to their sites, others achieve exactly the same results without spending a single dime.

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Self Publishers And Content Providers Use This Single Tool To Generate All The Traffic That They Need

Smart self publishers and content providers use a single free tool to generate more traffic than they can possibly handle at their sites and blogs.

The amazing thing is that every unsuccessful self publisher you will find, hardly gives this tool a second glance. This is because some have tried to use it haphazardly and have ended up with haphazard results. However in the hands of a skillful self publisher or content provider, this tool becomes so potent, that I can honestly say here, that it is the only tool I use to generate all my traffic and the substantial profits I enjoy online.

The tool I am referring to is a promotional article. This tool will work best when it is used in four different and distinct ways. Read my article that discusses these four distinct ways in great detail.

Before writing a single promotional article or any content at any of my blogs, I usually take the time to carefully research appropriate keyword phrases. It is absolutely amazing how the right keyword phrase in a self publisher’s blog can easily guarantee free traffic of 2000 hits (or even more) on a daily basis.

It is equally amazing how 15 keyword phrases used in a few pages of a blog and generating only 70 hits a day can add up quickly to give a beaming self publisher 1050 hits per day. You cannot begin to imagine what is happening at a blog where the blogger has consistently been using the right keyword phrases for just six short months!!

All this happens quietly as other self publishers, webmasters and bloggers are struggling to pay through their cute noses for traffic. Who said the world was fair?

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Self Publishers Drowning In Traffic Use Their Content And Articles In These Four Ways

Self publishers use all their articles and content in the following four ways to ensure that they generate loads of traffic for their web sites and blogs.

a) Leading self publishers usually carefully research the right non-competitive popular keywords to use in their content to attract huge targeted free traffic from search engines. It is not always easy to get the right keywords but this is one skill where practice and experience makes perfect. Just remember that it is well worth the effort to spend hours looking for that single keyword that will guarantee you thousands of hits over the next few months and maybe for years to come.

b) The second way in which high traffic self publishers use articles is by posting them at some very specific high traffic article directories where ezine publishers and webmasters frequent in search of free useful content. With the help of a good resource box at the bottom of the article, this is an ideal way of generating a lot of traffic almost immediately.

c) Thirdly, smart self publishers regularly get a very different kind of article written, called a link-baiting article. This is usually a controversial article attacking a popular opinion (or a leading blogger’s view) on a hot subject. Done skillfully and in good taste, a link baiting article or post is capable of generating a colossal amount of links in only a few hours or days, pointing at your site or blog. Apart from the surge in traffic you will enjoy, the high number of links will dramatically improve your ranking with search engines and help you generate even more traffic.

d) And finally a smart self publisher will not forget to use their articles and content to build an opt-in email list as quickly as possible. Some people make substantial online profits using nothing else but their opt-in email lists with about 5,000 names. An opt-in email list is gold to any self publsiher.

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Self Publishers: High Earners Make A Significant Part of Their Income From Affiliate Programs

There are several business models that successful self publishers use these days. While most of them rely on the self publisher selling their information, the World Wide Web has made another much more effective business model possible. This new model is being exploited very successfully by many leading self publishers.

This is the strategy where the self publisher makes all their valuable information available online for free and they then earn their six figure incomes from affiliate programs. Probably the most common example of this is the self publisher’s business where the Google Adsense program contributes heavily to the profits earned. This business model works very well with Adsense because instead of spending valuable time looking for advertisers, the Google Adsense program provides an endless list of advertisers who appear on the site via the Adsense code that an affiliate posts at their site.

Other self publishers have successfully combined Adsense with other affiliate programs on their blogs to end up with the sort of revenue that is but a dream to most people.

However this heavily depends on the self publisher choosing the right affiliate program for the valuable content that they are generating. This in itself can be quiet a challenge.

The right time to choose an affiliate program for your online publishing program is after you have started generating regular traffic and have carefully studied the kind of people you’re attracting to your site or blog. This vital task cannot be done a moment earlier.

When you fully understand your site or blog visitors, you’ll stand a much better chance of selecting the sort of affiliate products or services to promote that will interest them the most. The more interested they will be in your affiliate products or services the higher your chances of success. It is as simple as that.

It will also help the self publisher’s cause a great deal if they select a program that pays out commissions on a second tier at the very least. Meaning that you will be able to earn a commission from people that you refer to the affiliate program as well as from your own efforts.

There is nothing wrong with registering for several affiliate programs and promoting several of them at one site. Indeed that is exactly how some high flying self publisher super affiliates manage to guarantee their six figure monthly checks. Still one needs to be very careful because focus is very important to the success of any affiliate program.
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Self Publisher Secret That The High Revenue Earners Don't Want you To Know

Here is a secret that leading self publisher’s don’t want you to understand and grasp. Like many significant secrets, it is such a simple truth that many will not even look at it twice.

However the truth of the matter is that there are self publishers whose vast fortunes and regular six figure monthly checks are as a result of their grasping this little secret.

Read it carefully, consider it carefully.

Given the same volume of traffic, you will tend to sell more by referring your traffic to an appropriate affiliate program you have signed up for than you will trying to sell off your own product. It matters little how good your product is.

Most self publishers totally fail to appreciate the power of referral marketing and fail to realize that they can make a substantially higher income online without selling a single unit of their own product or service.

Human nature is such that people will quite often be much more comfortable buying from a site that they have been referred to, even if the person who has made the referral is a total stranger. That is the real secret behind the phenomenal success of affiliate programs and many self publishers using them. It is also the real secret behind the big checks leading super affiliates are drawing.

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Self Publisher Who Appreciates The Power Of Blogs Is Bound To Be More Successful

Top high earning self publishers succeed in their publishing business when they fully appreciate and understand the power of blogs to attract huge traffic rather quickly and to deliver their publishing message with more efficiency than any other publishing medium ever created in history.

Let us quickly compare a blog with the other mediums and vehicles available to a self publisher today.

Self Published Book Versus The Self Published Blog

The self publishing of books is an American tradition that is as old as the thirteen colonies. Ben Franklin is credited as the first American to self publish a book.

Publishing a book is something many would be self publishers have done only to quickly realize that the more difficult task is to get folks to read it. Even giving it away free is no guarantee that you will get respectable audience for your self published book. Compare this to a self published blog where you will start getting hits in a few hours and with the use of the right keywords can get over 100,000 hits a week within three months. Just the sort of audience that is capable of giving you a sizeable income from your affiliate programs and from Adsense.

Self Published Magazine Versus The Self Published Blog

Self published magazines and newsletters are not any easier to sell and generate income from. However if you were to self publish exactly the same material in a blog, your chances of success become much more realistic.

You are able to reach your huge audience without having to worry about the huge regular production costs that go into printing and producing a magazine.

TV Show Versus Self Published Blog

Many hugely popular self publisher bloggers had their paths blocked when they tried to go in the TV direction. The fact is that big media is controlled by a few powerful individuals with their own interests to push. Today they are many blogs that influence public opinion in a much more powerful way than traditional main stream media like TV or radio.

Successful self publishers who understand the true power and huge advantages of a blog are surely bound to do be much more successful.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Joe Karbo Money Making Techniques That Every Content Provider Needs To Know About

The life of Joe Karbo, the greatest mail order book writer and self-publisher of all time, has some valuable lessons, which will make all the difference between success and failure for any online writer.

Joe Karbo's life is not only a great inspiration but can also be highly instructive to any would-be online writer.

Joe Karbo's Biography And Desperate Online Writers

Joe Karbo was virtually bankrupt in 1973, the year he wrote and published his famous book, Lazy Man's Way to Riches. It is a fact that many online writers today hardly have anything to show for their efforts. There are those who work very hard in return for a handful of dollars and there are those who cannot even find any assignments online that will earn them even a few dollars. In this group, there has to be those who are desperate and bankrupt. Folks who launched their online writing careers to try and get themselves out of the deep hole they are in.

Joe Karbo's brief biography will prove to you that it can be done. It will also show you exactly how. I admit that that this is quite a loaded statement, especially when you consider the fact that Karbo died before the World Wide Web came along.

Because Karbo was in such a desperate financial situation in 1973, he was keenly aware of a few hard facts. Firstly he needed a product to sell that would give him a very high mark-up, but also one where he could create a selling system for that would generate an endless supply of sales leads and then turn as big a percentage as possible, of those leads into actual sales.

Joe Karbo was to later admit that the 10 dollar paperback that made him rich cost him only 50 cents to produce.

One thing he had going for him was that during his checkered career up to that point, he had developed a keen understanding of human nature. This is the most valuable asset that any writer can have.

There are two possible things that can happen to a desperate person. Either they get very confused unfocused and start running around in circles (sound familiar?). Or they can focus very sharply on one particular thing that they believe will help get them out of trouble. And they then hang on to it, so tenaciously that you will have to kill them first to get them off it. This second option has resulted in many inventions and the pure genius that has birthed many great life-changing ideas.

For Joe Karbo it not only made him rich and famous but he was able to achieve a record that to this day has yet to be broken. Lazy Man's Ways To Riches sold well over 3 million copies without seeing the inside of any book store. It was all sold via mail order.

The Joe Karbo Self-publishing Technique

But let's back-up a little to see how he did it because it will help any online writer to learn something that they can immediately apply to their online writing and self publishing enterprise.

Karbo started off with a single tiny ad (all he could afford) crowded with lots of tiny text. The typical direct marketing ad and the sort of thing that makes any ad designer want to throw-up. Fortunately folks who read his ad did not want to throw up.

In fact for the next seven years, Karbo carried that same tiny advertisement without changing a single comma, in all sorts of newspapers and publications across the country. He always carefully measured his results. He constantly wanted to know exactly how many people responded to each single advertisement. As the cash in his bank account rapidly accumulated, he graduated to his famous full-page ads and his sales just went through the roof.

Joe Karbo was to later say, "You bet your sweet patootie I've made a bundle sharing my information. And why not? I invested a lot more time and money in my 'education' than most doctors and lawyers." This statement confirms our earlier point about concentrating and focusing all your efforts and creativity in one single project and learning all there is to learn about it and then some. Inevitably the results of this kind of laser beam focus will always show in the end.

Karbo's offer was also his amazing selling system and calls for close studying by any online self-publishing writer who wants to make it big. Karbo offered a free trial. The message his offer sent forth was that he was so sure that readers would like his book that he was prepared to risk being ruined by sending them the book without having received any money. That in itself was powerful.

But then he did not want to spend all his time chasing his customers to pay. So he requested them to send him a post-dated check. Karbo promised that he would not cash the check for 30 days. Until they were absolutely satisfied with his book and its' contents. His customers were free to cancel the order by canceling their check at any time within that 30 days period.

Customers loved this offer so much so that Karbo's offer has been widely copied.

Joe Karbo died at the age of 55, a certified millionaire. And a lazy millionaire at that because he never wrote any other book. He didn't need to.

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Read Famous Joe Karbo quotes

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

How To Make Money Writing Blog Novels

Blog novels are an extremely lucrative option, which every writer should take a closer look at. I am not talking theory here, I've actually written two blog novels, and although only one of them is complete, both earn me an ongoing income. What's more they will continue to earn me that income for many years to come - that's the beauty of a blog novel.

Writing a novel is hard work, but there are several advantages of writing it online and in the form of a blog. To start with it is much easier to write it in blog format because you can get ongoing comments from your readers and even generate free one-way links from them. I did both with my first blog novel and it worked out beyond my expectations. Not to mention this little known secret about the way blog novels tend to generate traffic all on their own and without any effort on your part, like you having to work keywords. More on that later.

This is how I started writing my first blog novel. I wrote the first few hundred words, trying to put in as much suspense as possible and at the same time building up the characters in an interesting way. I put all of it in one post. The next day I did yet another post. After a few days I felt a little discouraged because hardly anybody seemed to be reading my blog novel. So I stopped writing. But not before making one promise to any would-be readers out there. I would continue writing the moment I received a comment. I would need one comment to make a post.

I waited a few days half expecting that it would not work. But it did and all this can be viewed first hand in that initial blog novel I wrote. One person wrote in and so our conversation started. That conversation with that person and a couple of other readers who joined in later, carried me to the end of my blog novel. I've started out writing many novels in my lifetime but this was the first one that I ever finished.

I had also built a relationship with those readers who were visiting my blog and commenting, virtually daily and so when I asked for one way links to my blog novel, I got them.

The important thing here is that you must make your readers a part of your novel-writing process, that way they get involved in the whole process so deeply that they will virtually do anything for you.

Traffic to your blog novel will tend to grow as you steadily continue to write it. And so will your income from programs like Adsense where you earn money when those wonderful readers click on your ads.

With a reasonable amount of regular traffic, the cash generating options are many. You can directly sell targeted advertisements of your very own or even text links in your blog. Not to mention joining a highly relevant affiliate program. That is, relevant to the sort of blog novel that you are writing.

There is one fear that many writers have, which I want to talk about now. Some of you writers out there will be horrified at the fact that I am suggesting that you allow your raw un-revised writing to be read. What if it is all horrible trash?

My advice here is that it does not matter. In other words it is not the most important thing. The most important thing for a writer is for them to keep on writing. Blogs offer a golden opportunity for this to happen. You can always edit and revise your bovel (blog novel) when it is done. That's the easy part and you will have already completed the most difficult part - writing something.

A blog novel is definitely a much more viable and lucrative option for a writer starting out than a conventional novel. Even traffic is much easier to generate than you think. In fact you don't really have to do anything. Here is a little known secret about the traffic generating power of blog novels.

Apart from the popular keywords that tend to generate huge amounts of traffic there are tens of thousands of other rare keywords used on search engines. Because your blog novel has plenty of different words, it will tend to catch lots of these random keywords traffic. While it is true that with this sort of traffic, not all will stay long enough to read much on your site, a fraction of the total traffic you receive will. Besides the high number of hits are enough to attract advertisers to your blogs who will want prominent positions where they'll be seen even by people who spend nothing more than a few seconds at your blog.
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