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Monday, June 20, 2011

Can You Find Hidden Profits in Your Business?

What really makes the difference between a really profitable business and one that never comes anywhere near its’ full potential? I will give you a clue; it is something that Google does... a lot.

The difference I am talking about is simply this; there are those entrepreneurs who are constantly trying out new things and there are those who are terrified of risk—any small risk. In my time I have met many of the latter type. Such people have no business being entrepreneurs if you ask me and indeed many of them no longer are. Those who are still in it are limping along 20 years later. I have also met a few of the former type, actually they are very few. Too few true entrepreneurs.

Admittedly if you are reckless enough to keep on trying new things on your already profitable business you are bound to fail many times and naturally this is very embarrassing. Indeed if you carefully examine Google, you will discover that it has had very spectacular failures in its’ continued “reckless” efforts to always try out new things.

But out of every 99 “reckless” failures comes one spectacular success that cancels the failures and gives you untold wealth and profits. Oh yes, it happens all the time. And that, you can be sure of. The problem here is that most folks who call themselves entrepreneurs don’t have the stomach for those 99 failures. In fact you should ask yourself a simple question; have you tried out 99 new things in your online business over the last year? Over the last 5 years? Okay that is too many. Have you tried out half that number? 25 per cent of that number? That is precisely my point and it is the reason why there are not too many Googles around.

Consider that Google is a $US100 billion company that did not exist barely 12 years ago. Here is what the founders Sergey Brin (37) and Larry Page (38) had to say in September 2003 in a talk they gave to hundreds of Israeli students at a high school in Israel.

“Have a healthy disregard for the impossible… You should try to do things that most people would not.” –Larry Page.

“The only way you are going to have success is to have lots of failures first.”
-Sergey Brin

Google is not a $US 100 billion company for nothing and they have done a lot of interesting “reckless” things. The propensity to take risk on one hand and the fear to risk anything is the huge difference between entrepreneurs who limp along and those who reach the moon.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Article Marketing Strategy During A Recession

Things are usually very difficult during a recession. For starters everything becomes that much more difficult meaning that you have to dramatically multiple your efforts to get the same results you got before the recession came calling.

Multiplying your efforts in most cases will also mean multiplying your budget and the money you spend on your article marketing campaigns. For instance if you usually use the services of a ghost writer to generate your articles it means that you will have to pay them much more to do many more articles for you to get the same results.

The good news is that with the right article marketing strategy less effort will yield more for you… even in the worst of recessions. It may be hard for you to believe but you can get the same results during a recession with less articles than the ones you were using before the recession came. No kidding.

There is really just one simple thing you must include in your article marketing strategy.

You must have a system for harvesting email addresses from your articles.

Each article you produce in your article marketing campaign will get read by a handful of your targeted audience. If they are not ready to buy whatever it is that you are selling right away or are for some reason not fully convinced, you will have lost them for life.
This is why it is absolutely crucial that you find a way to harvest their email addresses. When you do this simple thing, everything changes dramatically. It means that most of the readers your articles get, no matter how few, will end up in your email list of prospects and you will keep in touch with them regularly. The more you familiarize yourself with them, the more willing they will be to purchase from you whatever it is that you are selling.

How do you legally get their email addresses? By simply offering them something valuable like a free report, an ebook or even a user’s manual for your product or service that they will receive regularly via email. Even frequent updates of your special offers can prove to be valuable to your target audience depending on your industry and the product we are talking about.

While it is true that it is a lot of hard work to maintain a list of prospects that you regularly send out emails to, the simple solution is an auto responder which automates most of the process. There are free auto responders out there that can do amazing things for you.

This is the most important single thing you will ever do in your article marketing strategy.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Women who take anti-depressants

Women who take anti-depressants have as high as six times the risk of their infants developing persistent pulmonary hypertension of newborn (PPHN), a serious and potentially fatal lung defect. This is according to a published 2006 The New England Journal of Medicine.

Actually the prenatal intake of Zoloft can result in serious birth defects and experts say that it has been proven that pregnant women who take Zoloft may have children with congenital heart defects.

This is why a Zoloft Lawsuit can result for anybody at any time. And this is precisely why this knowledge you have absorbed from this post is important. You could need it soon to pay for the resultant high medical bills.

Hundreds of articles but no results?

There are plenty of webmasters and website owners who write hundreds of articles but this ends up having little or no effect in terms of promoting their websites or affiliate programs. And then there are people who write a single article that ends up generating tons of valuable targeted traffic for them.

While your writing style is important the truth is that what really makes the difference is the focus of your articles. If for instance you start your research for the articles by finding out how the product or service is sold and the most effective methods that have been used to sell, you will be way ahead of the pack.

Write less for much more traffic.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Article Marketing Strategy: The Email Secret

Did you know that your email account contains a powerful article marketing secret that is capable of having a major impact on your online promotional and marketing efforts?

Imagine for a moment that you were a salesperson for the product you want to promote using article marketing. One of the most effective ways to sell is to master the conversation you usually have with prospects in the selling process. These conversations contain stuff like the questions your prospects usually ask before they buy and the objections they raise before they finally make a purchase. Obviously they will only make a purchase after you have successfully put their doubts to rest. Because the truth is that no prospect will buy from you when they still have some misgivings, doubts or unanswered questions.

For an online business this fascinating conversation goes on via email. If you have a business then you usually receive plenty of emails from prospects. The emails will ask questions that are not clear on your website, doubts that your prospects have about what your product can do for them and so on. In your email outbox will be the answers that you give to your prospects and customers. This is without doubt a gold mine that most people who use articles to market their businesses often ignore. But at least a few smart webmasters use these questions and answers to update their FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section on their websites.

This is the perfect section of a website to start your article marketing from. Especially if you want to sell more from doing less writing of articles. I have had experiences in the past where a single article created from frequently asked questions has sold a promoted product beyond my wildest expectations.

The longer your business has been around the more “conversations” you are bound to have in your email account which means you should be able to generate more articles But even if your business is new take heart because we are talking about getting a lot of traffic and clients from writing less articles than folks usually write. In other words you don’t need very many articles to start enjoying the fruits of your article marketing. You can create your own FAQ section even before you start having real customer enquiries. This can be done by anticipating what your customers concerns will be.

Articles are much more powerful than most folks realize and if written using the powerful marketing strategy revealed in this article you will without doubt end up very pleasantly surprised about the results.

Write less for much more traffic.