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Friday, February 24, 2006

Internet Content Provider India: You Can't Afford To Ignore Them

There is no doubt that Internet content providers from India have already had a huge impact on the online writing freelance market.

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However the interesting thing is that most content providers from other parts of the world and mostly those based in the United States have simply chosen to ignore them. As Internet content providers based in India continue to win one online writing assignment after another, many are simply writing them off as low quality writers who hardly stand a chance in the competitive world market for content providers.

Actually this is the same mistake folks in other industries in The United States did to products coming in from China and to a lesser extent India and are today deeply regretting their folly because it is too late to do anything about it.

It is useful to study the advantages many an Internet content provider from India has over other competing content providers based in other parts of the world.

Internet content provider India Enjoys Much Lower Costs
One huge advantage that the Internet content provider from India brings to the table is the unbelievably low costs of living they seem to enjoy in India. The result is that they can charge low single-digit-dollar figures for each article they churn out and still end up not only paying their bills, but also greatly prospering. This is an advantage that cannot be ignored because one of the things the Internet has done is to open up business to the entire world meaning that geographical barriers have come crashing down. Customers are no longer limited to choosing a local service provider, they can actually select one from any part of the world if they can get a price advantage and still end up with acceptable quality.

This is why despite the language issues, it seems many webmasters and blog owners feel that the quality of Internet content provision they are getting from India is good enough. In fact many webmasters who can hardly write themselves find it very easy to make slight changes and corrections to the content they receive from India and end up with very acceptable quality to use on their sites. Others have even found Internet content providers from India who are able to produce quality content that has no American language or grammar issues in it.

One Does Not Require A Picasso for Internet content
I have met some perfectionist Internet content providers who are busy killing themselves and their businesses ensuring that every piece of writing they produce is a work of art. There is even one particular one who has painstakingly produced a sort of rigid template that writers should stick to for every article they write for him. He has ended up very frustrated and now firmly believes that he is one of the very few online writers on earth who can write decent copy.

Maybe he's right, but then he and others like him are missing the point because the really successful people in this business are the ones able to churn out quantity at reasonable quality. This is something many an Internet content provider from India seems able to do.

So how does somebody compete with low cost Internet content providers from India and elsewhere in the world?

You really have to make sure you get your marketing right. While it is difficult to compete in the open market where webmasters are looking for the cheapest possible content provider and increasingly favoring those from India, you can change the rules by creating a blog to attract potential clients to. This is the perfect forum where you can convince them why they should pay a premium for your content provision services. This would be the excellent opportunity for you to charge double or even triple what you would have ordinarily asked for.

The fact that there are so many cheap Japanese and Korean cars in the market does not mean there is no market for Cadillac, Volvo, Mercedes Benz and a host of other extremely expensive automobiles.

Christopher Kyalo is a successful online entrepreneur and publisher.

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