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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Self Publisher: Learn This From Mike Tyson's Image And Become An Overnight Sensation

For an online self publisher to understand the power of image in revenue generation, a careful study of Mike Tyson will help a great deal.

The absolutely amazing thing every self publisher keen on succeeding in their online business should know about this boxer is that long after he had clearly lost his magic on the ring, he was still selling out tickets to his fights. And that is how he was able to attract bigger purses than the current champions and title holders.

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What sells those tickets and still draws huge crowds wherever he goes, is his image. Mike Tyson’s bad boy image is proof that what anybody needs is just the appropriate image, not necessarily a good image. A few Hollywood movie stars have discovered this little secret and are laughing all the way to the bank. They are the ones that sell millions of copies of supermarket tabloids whenever they are on the cover but still get paid double figure millions for every movie appearance they make.

For a self publisher to succeed at what they do, they have to attract the interest of the public. Yet the sad thing is that many self publishers are writers and writers are artists and we all know that artists are built different. Many of them do not have a head for figures or the sort of discipline and consistency that is required to bring success to an SEO campaign to get massive traffic arriving at their sites.

The main weapon many born artist self publishers have is creativity. So why not use what you have and cultivate the sort of image that will draw huge trafic to your blog or site?

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