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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Every Self Publisher Should Know The Reason Why A Bad Boy, Bad Girl, Image Sells Like Crazy

Every self publisher should know that the reason why a Mr-Nice-guy image doesn’t sell is simply because it hardly rings true. This is the reason why blogs belonging to self publishers who are brutally honest in their posts are very popular.

Who does not want to read about the self publisher blogger housewife having an affair with her husband’s best friend? This is shockingly sick and bizarre behavior, but it happens in every day life and millions of housewives probably fight the temptation or urge to do the same while some simply don’t have the guts to dare follow through with their dangerous, unbridled inner passions.

All humans have a certain dark side we must constantly fight and keep from taking control of our lives. A self publisher simply being honest about that side can make a huge difference in the popularity of a blog. The perception created in the minds of readers about such a blogger rings true and is much more believable.

Armed with this information a self publisher can begin to work on the best-selling image that they want to build for themselves right from the posts they make at their blog or site. And they can do it one sentence at a time.


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