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Friday, September 02, 2005

How An Online Writer Can Easily Self-publish Their Way To A Fortune

Online writing is really self-publishing made easier and potentially much more lucrative with much less cost and investment to be made. But what is self-publishing and what does it have to do with online writing?

Self-publishing is older than America and through the centuries great fortunes have been made by folks who opted to privately produce and market their own writing. Yet all the amazing stories of great success in the past pale when compared to what has happened online already and what is to happen in the days, months and years to come.

The World Wide Web was really made for self-publishing in more ways than one. For example, in the offline days a self-publisher would have to raise hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to produce their book or special report for sale. Then they would need to look for more money to advertise and market their information aggressively in newspapers and opportunity magazines. Finally they would have to ship their information out, usually using the postal service (snail mail).

If Joe Karbo (the greatest self-publisher of all time) were alive today, he would quickly become a billionaire many times over by going online. Today the self-publisher uses blogs to avail their information at a cost of virtually zero. Then there are numerous effective advertising and marketing tools online, including the very blog itself that can be used to market the self-published information. Self-published special reports can be instantly emailed to clients. Not to mention the fact that the self-publishers market is now enormous covering virtually every corner of the globe.

Who Was This Self-publisher Joe Karbo?

Joe Karbo was on the brink of personal bankruptcy when he self-published his classic, Lazy Man’s Way to Riches in 1973. Using his amazing knowledge of human behavior, he created tiny ads to advertise his self-published book available via mail order. His ads remained the same for years and later he graduated to bigger ads in newspapers and magazines from coast to coast.

By the time Karbo died at the age of 55, he was a millionaire many times over and his place in the self-publishing hall of fame was guaranteed. His techniques are still used by mail order self-publishers the world over, many of whom have successfully moved their operations online.

The arrival of the World Wide Web has not changed human nature and this is the reason why Karbo’s techniques and way of thinking have transferred so well to the Internet.

The Huge Advantages Of Online Self-publishing

While it is true that the rules of the game are a little different for the online self-publisher, the truth is that things have never been better. In the old days, the offline publisher had only one source of revenue that came from selling copies of his self-published information. The online self-publisher can still charge for copies of his special report, newsletter or ebook but he or she now has other amazing sources of revenue. They can post ads like Google Adsense ads, not to mention the dizzying choices of high earning affiliate programs he can sign-up for.

What all this means is that an online writer who understands that they are self-publishers capable of making serious money from the information they provide in their blog, email newsletter or special report, will have a distinct advantage. To take advantage of an opportunity, you need to “see” it first.

Let us take a closer look at the various self-publishing opportunities available online for writers.

Blog Power Works Wonders For The Self-publisher

Blogs or web logs as they were originally called is a self-publishers dream come true. The most profitable way to use a blog is to use it to promote a website or product available online. Traffic can be rapidly obtained by seeking quality links from other relevant blogs. It is important to find a way to trap email addresses of visitors to your blog. Offering a special report or email course can do this. This opt-in email list can be used to sell your self-published information to again and again.

Meanwhile the blog can earn extra revenue through posting ads and links to relevant affiliate programs.

Auto-responders Were Invented For Self-publishers

In the offline days of self-publishing, getting a regular publication out was quite a task. Apart from writing, designing and printing it, the self-publisher would have to find a way to distribute it.

With the auto-responders, a self-publisher can get their information to millions of subscribers automatically and regularly at virtually no cost. There have been a number of very successful online self-publishers who have made good use of auto-responders. The most successful model I know is where a free email newsletter is distributed via auto-responders. The revenue earned from this free newsletter comes from the advertisement it carries which are rather effective because of the large captive audience it reaches. A second more detailed paid newsletter is then made available. This paid email newsletter does not carry advertisements but pulls in lots of subscription cash and is also distributed via auto responder.

Self-publishers Are Still Printing Books

In the old days a self-publisher would have to wait until their book was printed to start making money. The World Wide Web has changed that and what many smart self-publishers are doing is producing their book in bits and pieces through special reports and articles that they earn revenue from. It is then very easy to compile all the information into a book and publish it.

Of course the book will be promoted aggressively online, through their blog, email newsletters and all the other online tools self-publishers use.

A Self-publisher’s Education Is Free

If you can write, you can be a self-publisher. All you require to start making money from the wonderful world of self-publishing are the necessary skills and techniques which are widely available online and for free. Take time to study what other online publishers are doing. Read this blog and my other blogs too and gather practical information to help you become the next Joe Karbo. There is really nothing online that is potentially as lucrative as self-publishing.
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