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Friday, February 19, 2010

Google Adsense revenue: How writers can make more money

Google adsense is not only the most successful online affiliate program but it is also the easiest way any online writer can quickly translate their talent into hard cash online. The way to do this is by creating quality articles and content and using the right popular keyword phrases to drive traffic to your writing. This is the easiest money-making model any writer can use to make money online.

And it can be fairly serious money. Famous sites like Plenty of fish have been reported to making in excess of $10 million a year mainly from Adsense ads. Naturally you will need tons of traffic to make that kind of bacon. But then as they say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Admittedly If you are reading this article and have attempted to build traffic using popular keyword phrases, then you will know two things for sure. Firstly it is the most effective way to build solid traffic to a site and secondly it requires the patience of a nun as it certainly will not happen overnight. Or can it?

Let me talk a little more about the overnight thing because it is what everybody likes to hear. Actually there are a few short-cuts. It is very possible to multiply your current Adsense earnings virtually overnight merely by installing a simple free online tool to your blog or site. The plugin I am talking about is called linkwithin and it simply multiplies your page views by selecting old posts in your blog related to the most recent one you have done and listing them. Very simple but it works wonders.

You see to make money from adsense you need lots of traffic and tons of page views. This tool simply helps you get a lot more page views from your current traffic.

This does not mean that you forget about generating useful content on a regular basis. Far from it. In fact the more valuable content you generate at your site the more effective you will find this tool to be. Naturally because there will be a lot more content to work with.

You can get this amazing tool HERE.