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Friday, February 17, 2006

Self Publishers And Content Providers Use This Single Tool To Generate All The Traffic That They Need

Smart self publishers and content providers use a single free tool to generate more traffic than they can possibly handle at their sites and blogs.

The amazing thing is that every unsuccessful self publisher you will find, hardly gives this tool a second glance. This is because some have tried to use it haphazardly and have ended up with haphazard results. However in the hands of a skillful self publisher or content provider, this tool becomes so potent, that I can honestly say here, that it is the only tool I use to generate all my traffic and the substantial profits I enjoy online.

The tool I am referring to is a promotional article. This tool will work best when it is used in four different and distinct ways. Read my article that discusses these four distinct ways in great detail.

Before writing a single promotional article or any content at any of my blogs, I usually take the time to carefully research appropriate keyword phrases. It is absolutely amazing how the right keyword phrase in a self publisher’s blog can easily guarantee free traffic of 2000 hits (or even more) on a daily basis.

It is equally amazing how 15 keyword phrases used in a few pages of a blog and generating only 70 hits a day can add up quickly to give a beaming self publisher 1050 hits per day. You cannot begin to imagine what is happening at a blog where the blogger has consistently been using the right keyword phrases for just six short months!!

All this happens quietly as other self publishers, webmasters and bloggers are struggling to pay through their cute noses for traffic. Who said the world was fair?

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