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Friday, February 17, 2006

Self Publisher Who Appreciates The Power Of Blogs Is Bound To Be More Successful

Top high earning self publishers succeed in their publishing business when they fully appreciate and understand the power of blogs to attract huge traffic rather quickly and to deliver their publishing message with more efficiency than any other publishing medium ever created in history.

Let us quickly compare a blog with the other mediums and vehicles available to a self publisher today.

Self Published Book Versus The Self Published Blog

The self publishing of books is an American tradition that is as old as the thirteen colonies. Ben Franklin is credited as the first American to self publish a book.

Publishing a book is something many would be self publishers have done only to quickly realize that the more difficult task is to get folks to read it. Even giving it away free is no guarantee that you will get respectable audience for your self published book. Compare this to a self published blog where you will start getting hits in a few hours and with the use of the right keywords can get over 100,000 hits a week within three months. Just the sort of audience that is capable of giving you a sizeable income from your affiliate programs and from Adsense.

Self Published Magazine Versus The Self Published Blog

Self published magazines and newsletters are not any easier to sell and generate income from. However if you were to self publish exactly the same material in a blog, your chances of success become much more realistic.

You are able to reach your huge audience without having to worry about the huge regular production costs that go into printing and producing a magazine.

TV Show Versus Self Published Blog

Many hugely popular self publisher bloggers had their paths blocked when they tried to go in the TV direction. The fact is that big media is controlled by a few powerful individuals with their own interests to push. Today they are many blogs that influence public opinion in a much more powerful way than traditional main stream media like TV or radio.

Successful self publishers who understand the true power and huge advantages of a blog are surely bound to do be much more successful.

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