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Friday, February 17, 2006

Self Publishers: High Earners Make A Significant Part of Their Income From Affiliate Programs

There are several business models that successful self publishers use these days. While most of them rely on the self publisher selling their information, the World Wide Web has made another much more effective business model possible. This new model is being exploited very successfully by many leading self publishers.

This is the strategy where the self publisher makes all their valuable information available online for free and they then earn their six figure incomes from affiliate programs. Probably the most common example of this is the self publisher’s business where the Google Adsense program contributes heavily to the profits earned. This business model works very well with Adsense because instead of spending valuable time looking for advertisers, the Google Adsense program provides an endless list of advertisers who appear on the site via the Adsense code that an affiliate posts at their site.

Other self publishers have successfully combined Adsense with other affiliate programs on their blogs to end up with the sort of revenue that is but a dream to most people.

However this heavily depends on the self publisher choosing the right affiliate program for the valuable content that they are generating. This in itself can be quiet a challenge.

The right time to choose an affiliate program for your online publishing program is after you have started generating regular traffic and have carefully studied the kind of people you’re attracting to your site or blog. This vital task cannot be done a moment earlier.

When you fully understand your site or blog visitors, you’ll stand a much better chance of selecting the sort of affiliate products or services to promote that will interest them the most. The more interested they will be in your affiliate products or services the higher your chances of success. It is as simple as that.

It will also help the self publisher’s cause a great deal if they select a program that pays out commissions on a second tier at the very least. Meaning that you will be able to earn a commission from people that you refer to the affiliate program as well as from your own efforts.

There is nothing wrong with registering for several affiliate programs and promoting several of them at one site. Indeed that is exactly how some high flying self publisher super affiliates manage to guarantee their six figure monthly checks. Still one needs to be very careful because focus is very important to the success of any affiliate program.
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