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Saturday, February 04, 2006

How To Make Money Writing Blog Novels

Blog novels are an extremely lucrative option, which every writer should take a closer look at. I am not talking theory here, I've actually written two blog novels, and although only one of them is complete, both earn me an ongoing income. What's more they will continue to earn me that income for many years to come - that's the beauty of a blog novel.

Writing a novel is hard work, but there are several advantages of writing it online and in the form of a blog. To start with it is much easier to write it in blog format because you can get ongoing comments from your readers and even generate free one-way links from them. I did both with my first blog novel and it worked out beyond my expectations. Not to mention this little known secret about the way blog novels tend to generate traffic all on their own and without any effort on your part, like you having to work keywords. More on that later.

This is how I started writing my first blog novel. I wrote the first few hundred words, trying to put in as much suspense as possible and at the same time building up the characters in an interesting way. I put all of it in one post. The next day I did yet another post. After a few days I felt a little discouraged because hardly anybody seemed to be reading my blog novel. So I stopped writing. But not before making one promise to any would-be readers out there. I would continue writing the moment I received a comment. I would need one comment to make a post.

I waited a few days half expecting that it would not work. But it did and all this can be viewed first hand in that initial blog novel I wrote. One person wrote in and so our conversation started. That conversation with that person and a couple of other readers who joined in later, carried me to the end of my blog novel. I've started out writing many novels in my lifetime but this was the first one that I ever finished.

I had also built a relationship with those readers who were visiting my blog and commenting, virtually daily and so when I asked for one way links to my blog novel, I got them.

The important thing here is that you must make your readers a part of your novel-writing process, that way they get involved in the whole process so deeply that they will virtually do anything for you.

Traffic to your blog novel will tend to grow as you steadily continue to write it. And so will your income from programs like Adsense where you earn money when those wonderful readers click on your ads.

With a reasonable amount of regular traffic, the cash generating options are many. You can directly sell targeted advertisements of your very own or even text links in your blog. Not to mention joining a highly relevant affiliate program. That is, relevant to the sort of blog novel that you are writing.

There is one fear that many writers have, which I want to talk about now. Some of you writers out there will be horrified at the fact that I am suggesting that you allow your raw un-revised writing to be read. What if it is all horrible trash?

My advice here is that it does not matter. In other words it is not the most important thing. The most important thing for a writer is for them to keep on writing. Blogs offer a golden opportunity for this to happen. You can always edit and revise your bovel (blog novel) when it is done. That's the easy part and you will have already completed the most difficult part - writing something.

A blog novel is definitely a much more viable and lucrative option for a writer starting out than a conventional novel. Even traffic is much easier to generate than you think. In fact you don't really have to do anything. Here is a little known secret about the traffic generating power of blog novels.

Apart from the popular keywords that tend to generate huge amounts of traffic there are tens of thousands of other rare keywords used on search engines. Because your blog novel has plenty of different words, it will tend to catch lots of these random keywords traffic. While it is true that with this sort of traffic, not all will stay long enough to read much on your site, a fraction of the total traffic you receive will. Besides the high number of hits are enough to attract advertisers to your blogs who will want prominent positions where they'll be seen even by people who spend nothing more than a few seconds at your blog.
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