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Friday, February 17, 2006

Self Publisher Online Profits Without A Dime Invested

To generate profits every self publisher requires lots of traffic to their blog or site. It is from that targeted traffic that the self publisher will be able to generate their income. Either by getting enough subscribers to their advertising email newsletter or getting the right numbers to pay for their paid email newsletter. Not to mention being able to expose a published book to enough people to be able to generate sales online.

Many online self publishers have a budget for online and offline ads to help them generate the valuable targeted traffic that they usually require to succeed. The truth is that the vast majority of successful self publishers online, usually spend a significant amount of money every month on their Internet marketing and do indeed end up with a good return on their cash investment.

Still, make no mistake about it, the free approach works too. You just have to know what your are doing and admittedly you also have to be highly skilled. The up side is that these skills required for a self publisher to succeed at generating enough traffic at their site, can easily be learned by virtually anybody determined enough to be successful. A reasonably good content provider is really all you require. If as a self publisher you are already a useful content provider as well, then the whole thing becomes very easy.

While it is true that most self publishers rely on paid PPC pay-per-click ads to generate traffic to their sites, others achieve exactly the same results without spending a single dime.

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