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Thursday, October 13, 2005

7 Publishing Secrets For A New Online Writer

You’re a new online writer keen on publishing your work online in some web site or something and you are wondering where to get started. You are also probably looking for some valuable tips to quickly help you start earning some income from your online writing as soon as possible.

Here are 7 of what I consider to be the most valuable secrets in online writing today.

1. Initially It is not the rate you’re being paid but volume of work that you’re publishing that matters

The biggest mistake most new online writers make is to look at the rates being offered first. This is a big mistake because of several reasons. One of them being that the rules are totally different online. In the offline-publishing world, writers have to put in some legwork doing some research, but they usually earn a hefty amount for their work. Rates ranging from $300 for a short piece to $3,000 for writing an assigned article for a leading monthly publication.

In the online world, all the research is done online. The territory favors writers who can write quickly but well. Top rates will hardly exceed $40 but the more common rates are $20 and below per article for experienced well know online writers and $3 to $10 for most new online writers.

As a new writer, the thing to look for is as many assignments as you can get to gain both experience and contacts.

I personally started off writing short articles for $2.50. But I got to a point where I was making thousands of dollars doing those articles. But the most valuable experience I got from writing those $2.50 articles was that I gained valuable experience in writing keyword-rich articles and it also opened the door for other better-paying writing assignments.

Initially just go for volumes rather than look at the paltry rate being offered for the work.

2. The best sites for a beginner to seek publishing work from
The site that I found most useful in landing writing assignments was by far especially the section for low-paying assignments. The interesting thing about this site is that you can also advertise your writing services for free.

There is no doubt in my mind that this site enjoys a very high volume of traffic of writers and also prospective clients looking for writers.

3. Write and publish every day
Online writing favors writers who love to write. Most people do not know that a modern day freelancer usually spends very little time doing the actual writing. Most of their time is spent sending out queries searching markets and doing many little tasks that are related to looking for the writing jobs and assignments. And even when they do get the assignment up to half the time will be spent on research. So they end up spending very little of their time doing the actual writing. With online writing the Internet makes the marketing side and research a lot easier. The result is that writers can spend much more time doing what they should be really good at – writing. Even when you don’t have actual assignments make a habit out of writing several articles every day. Later in this article you will see a number of useful things that you can do with those articles.

This is the only way to sharpen your writing skills and to also improve on your speed which is critical to successful online writing.

4. Market every day
Every day spend a little time exploring new markets sending off an email or two to web sites you think you can contribute your writing to. Market every day, even as you write every day.

5. Write Publish and distribute free articles
One of the most effective ways of attracting clients to give you freelance online writing assignments is by writing and publishing you articles in high traffic article directories and other sites that will publish your article free.

There is nothing more powerful to convince a prospective client that you can write than actual samples of your writing. Clients get very impressed when you give them links to your writing work already published online somewhere.

6. Use Adsense to Publish and start making money immediately from your writing
When you’ve written a dozen articles or so, launch a blog and publish them there. From now on make sure that you refer people to your blog in every article you publish at other web sites and article directories. Refer them there for more information and for more similar articles by you. This will drive very targeted traffic just the sort that will easily click on your Google AdSense ads psoted at your blog.

You will gave to apply to Google Adsense and your blog will have to be approved by them. It may be a good idea to visit to see what they are usually looking for before you making your formal application to be considered.

The wonderful thing about Adsense is that you start earning money from articles that you have written but not sold to any client. And you write an article once and continue to earn from it for years.

7. Publishing your work at this site has numerous advantages
Then you can take advantage of a new breed of emerging web sites for content that display and sell your writing for you for a commission and then leave you with even more time to write.

Here is my favorite one;

Earn money fast from this site

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