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Friday, February 17, 2006

Self Publishers Drowning In Traffic Use Their Content And Articles In These Four Ways

Self publishers use all their articles and content in the following four ways to ensure that they generate loads of traffic for their web sites and blogs.

a) Leading self publishers usually carefully research the right non-competitive popular keywords to use in their content to attract huge targeted free traffic from search engines. It is not always easy to get the right keywords but this is one skill where practice and experience makes perfect. Just remember that it is well worth the effort to spend hours looking for that single keyword that will guarantee you thousands of hits over the next few months and maybe for years to come.

b) The second way in which high traffic self publishers use articles is by posting them at some very specific high traffic article directories where ezine publishers and webmasters frequent in search of free useful content. With the help of a good resource box at the bottom of the article, this is an ideal way of generating a lot of traffic almost immediately.

c) Thirdly, smart self publishers regularly get a very different kind of article written, called a link-baiting article. This is usually a controversial article attacking a popular opinion (or a leading blogger’s view) on a hot subject. Done skillfully and in good taste, a link baiting article or post is capable of generating a colossal amount of links in only a few hours or days, pointing at your site or blog. Apart from the surge in traffic you will enjoy, the high number of links will dramatically improve your ranking with search engines and help you generate even more traffic.

d) And finally a smart self publisher will not forget to use their articles and content to build an opt-in email list as quickly as possible. Some people make substantial online profits using nothing else but their opt-in email lists with about 5,000 names. An opt-in email list is gold to any self publsiher.

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