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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What A Ghostwriter Needs To Do To Earn Top Dollar

The huge demand for writers online is really for ghostwriters. A vast majority
of the available online writing jobs for an online writer are for ghost writing projects.

Looking for a good seo ghost writer?

When a website or blog requires content, they will want a ghostwriter to churn
out the content for them. In fact the demand for good ghostwriters online is
so huge that it is unlikely to be met any time soon.

Note that the huge demand is for good ghostwriters, not just any ghostwriter
who does not add value to a client’s site or put any money in the site owner’s
pockets. Unfortunately there are so many ghostwriters online who do not
qualify to be called good ghostwriters. Because there is such a huge demand,
many of them still end up getting jobs here and there. But you need to be
good ghostwriters to get consistent repeat business and thus make a good
income from your ghostwriting. You need to understand very clearly what
most clients looking to hire a ghostwriter want.

So what are the specific qualities webmasters are looking for in

A Good Ghostwriter Must Write To Bring In The Traffic

Much as most people would wish it to be different, the fact still remains
that over 75 per cent of the traffic that successful sites receive, will
tend to come from search engines. Meaning that no ghostwriter in their
right mind can afford to ignore search engines.

In simple terms, the way to attract traffic is to use popular keywords
where you are guaranteed of a high ranking in the leading search engines.
There are various online tools that will help a ghostwriter to fulfill
this important task. They include Wordtracker.

A Good Ghostwriter Must Find The Words That
Will Portray The Right Image

Image is what sells, more so in the rapidly increasingly crowded online
market. A good online ghostwriter will make an effort to find the
words that will portray the right image for the particular website
or e-commerce online enterprise they are writing for. Experience is
critical in winning client confidence in most businesses. If this is
the most important attribute prospects will be looking for in your
client’s business, then your content will need to reflect this. Making
wild sweeping claims that anybody can make will not do it. But selecting
the right words that will lead to the implications and conclusions that
you want to point your client’s prospects towards, will be the most ideal.

A Useful Ghostwriter Will Identify The Resource
Box That Will Get Response

If your clients decide to make the smart move of posting the articles
you ghostwrite for them at other websites so as to create links
pointing back to their site, then the resource box will have to be
the most important tool at your disposal. Read the following detailed
article I wrote on resource boxes at;

A Good Ghostwriter Will Need To Know Which Google Adsense
Keywords Count The Most

If your client is among the growing number of site owners posting Google
Adsense PPC ads at their site as an extra income stream, the right keywords
will be a critical contributing factor to success. This is because the
Google Adsense ads that appear at their site will totally be based on
the content and especially the keywords used. Most keywords will attract
only cents for every click the site owner achieves from their traffic.
Yet other keywords will attract ads where a single click is worth $100.

In other words, it is the content that is even more important than the
volume of traffic in deciding how much a site owner earns from Google
Adsense. A ghostwriter who understands this and is skilled enough to
deliver will be invaluable to any site or Webmaster.

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