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Friday, December 02, 2005

Launch Your Own Information Publishing Empire

Others are already doing it. Agora Publishing has become a $100 million group in six short years...

Offline publishing made a number of people billionaires. Now online publishing is set to introduce the era of the zillionaires. Consider the following facts;

1) Offline publishing required loads of capital for printing and production costs. Not to mention the heavy advertising required to get your publication known. Online you don’t require any printing or production costs and even advertising is virtually free if you know what to do. Agora Publishing has become a $100 million group in six short years by simply building opt-in email lists, that is their only advertising method. Not exactly your local garage kind of business

2) The Internet gives any Information publishing venture a huge worldwide market and you can still prosper from all the revenue streams offline publishers have used for decades and in some cases, centuries (and more). All you need are the right tips and I can assure you that they are easier to grasp than skiing tips.

There are four types of email newsletters you can make a huge fortune from;

a) Free Email Newsletters: The most common online publications. It is distributed free to people who have requested it. With the right strategy for targeting advertising, this newsletter can be extremely profitable as Agora Publishing have proved.

b) Paid Subscription Email Newsletters: As always, paid circulation heavily depends on the content. If you publish information that people need, then there is no limit to what they can pay. Nobody has a problem paying out $197 for a newsletter they receive in their email, if it can easily help them make $197,000.

c) Direct Marketing Email Newsletters: Some smart online information publishers are using email newsletters as a direct marketing vehicle to sell all sorts of staff directly to their opt-in email list. The products can be their own or they can sell them on a commission basis.

d) Affiliate Marketing Email Newsletters: There are an increasing number of super affiliates comfortably bringing in over $100,000 every month. Some of them are doing it using special email newsletters only.

You too can launch your very own highly successful Internet Information Publishing empire with the help of a detailed home study email course. The email course consists of over 50 lessons and countless special email tutorials based on questions and problems faced by beginners in online information publishing. Learn the following;

# How to select a subject for your email newsletter

# How to start generating profits immediately, even before you can find 5 subscribers.

# Where to get all the information you require, including secrets and special tips known only to experts. How to get world leading experts to give it to you very willingly and for FREE.

# How to sell $100,000 worth of advertising (easily) online. No meetings, no telephone calls. No hype.

# All you need to get hundreds of paying subscribers for your email newsletter is this amazing tried and tested selling system.

# Quick, legal ways to build a huge opt-in email list overnight.

# Using the still unexploited power of blogs to boost your email newsletter profits.

# Some online publishers are combining several types of email newsletters (free, paid, direct marketing, affiliate) into one lucrative profit machine. Here’s how you too can do it.

# Personal questions answered, problems faced solved through free consultant’s advice from the leading information publishing experts in the world today.

The home study email course consists of over 50 lessons and countless special email tutorials based on questions and problems faced by beginners in online information publishing.

You would expect a high price for this kind of home study email course. $299 is the sort of price that would justify all the secrets and lucrative money making online publishing skills packed into this home study email course.

Instead you can get it today for only $99. All you have to do is send the money via email to ckyalo at Include in the subject area the words Internet Information Publishing Home Study Course. If you order now you will ALSO get all the 4 amazing best selling Special reports below FREE (value $10).

1. 5 Ways To Earn Endless Streams Of Income For Years To Come From A Single Article

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2. How To Make Lots Of Money From The Constant-Content Website

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3. Make A Fortune For Life Publishing Special Reports Online

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4. 17 Powerful Ways To make Money From Adsense Using Only Free & Low Cost Tools

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OR you can get a free trial/limited version of this amazing, detailed step-by-step simple explanation home study course. Examine it, use it for as long as you need to, to decide that this unique email Home study course is really for you. Enroll now by sending a blank email to;

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