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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Self Publisher, Learn This From Paris Hilton's Image And Stay On The Mind Of Your Prospects All The Time

Paris Hilton has consistently stayed at the very top of search engine searches for months and many a self publisher has cashed in on her name to win huge chunks of traffic to their sites via search engines.

There are many other beautiful young ladies in the world but this particular one has managed the feat of staying on people’s minds for a long time.

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What this proves is that all a self publisher needs to be able to draw huge traffic online, is a carefully crafted PR or image strategy. In the old offline days this meant distributing news releases to the media or drawing media attention in a certain direction of interest. In today’s wonderful world of blogs, the blog itself is a powerful media for communicating any message you want to get across.

What would usually take ages to painstakingly build in the offline world of newspaper editors and TV news anchors who have to be persuaded or cajoled into using a news release, takes a few hours or a few days at the most to accomplish, online. All a self publisher really needs are a few posts at their own blog and even at somebody else’s.

Focusing on creating the right image that will drive loads of traffic to your blog and get other bloggers to link to your posts like crazy is an objective that will pay off big for any self publisher. It is certainly well worth the effort of learning the basics of PR and image creation. This is the sort of learning from experts that can easily be done online for free.

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