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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How To Make Money By Displaying Your Work At The Constant content site

Every online writer should register at sites like these, because it
is the perfect way to invest and cash in on the huge demand for good
online writers that is about to hit the roof. More so because you
will also be able to earn money from the work of other writers that
you introduce to the site.

If you haven’t joined yet, please use this link to register now

This article will focus on how writers can make money from their
own writing at this site.

Let me start by telling you that you will need patience and a
strategy because this is a competitive situation. Those seeking
content at this site are able to choose between you and other
writers. So the first thing is to make sure you start with subjects
that you are very familiar with. There is also the fact that the
site will review all writing before it can be approved for posting.
So your writing has to be good.

Base your writing on the market demand

Take a close look at recently sold content at the website and
note how much it was sold for. Also take a careful note of whether
exclusive rights or “regular” (license rights) to the article
were sold.

The next thing you need to do is take a look at the recently
requested content from clients. Usually this can be send to
you daily via email as the site receives content requests.
When you register make sure you allow for email updates of
requested content.

With this information you can then embark on writing something
that has been requested for. There is no guarantee that the
client will purchase your work, but in case your writing is not
purchased, it will still be available for other clients to buy
at the site. Chances of you selling are high because this site
receives heavy traffic from site owners seeking to purchase
content. And if one client requested something, chances are
high that others visiting later are bound to want the same article.

Set your price carefully

Initially it is a good strategy to aim at selling something so
set your prices as low as you possibly can. Don’t worry about
your earnings too much at this initial stage. The idea is to sell
something first as you develop skills to write content that
you can sell for a higher price later.

Remember that if 50 people end up purchasing license rights
to display a single article where you have set the price at $5
for example, that one article will earn $250. If you do 20
articles like this the earnings will be $5,000. A huge percentage
of that amount will end up in your pockets, and it will be
from $5 articles.

I agree that these figures look high but remember that Rome was
not built in a day. If you join a commercial pilot training
program today, you will not get to fly a passenger jet in the
first week. Not even in the first two years. Life is like that.
The best and most lucrative investments take a little time to
mature. It may take you about six months to start earning some
serious cash from your articles at this site. But once you start
earning big, your high earnings can be almost on autopilot with
you putting in very little work every month. Get the idea?

What I like most about this site is the fact that it beats a
trend I see with online writing that will impact our earnings
for years to come. All indications are that webmasters will
continue to pay very low rates for content. By putting yourself
in a situation where several people can purchase the same
content, you increase the earnings you are capable of getting
from a single article. And you do this rather dramatically.

Write a single article every two days

This site for writers is ideal for beginners but it is also
good for experienced online writers. I’ve joined myself and I
consider myself a very experienced online writer. A good
strategy is to invest just a little of your time every week,
since this is an investment that will take a little longer
than your other usual efforts. You can for example write one
article every two days for this site. After a short period of
time, you’ll have a lot of your content on display for sale
at the site making your potential earnings higher.

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How to Use This Unique Writing Site To Make Money

There is absolutely no doubt that the future belongs to online writers. The rapidly growing number of sites and blogs being set up every day will increasingly require writers.

So how does a writer use this information to make money now and in the future? The answer is to look for affiliate schemes for writers, or writer’s sites with good affiliate programs and join them fast and right now shortly before the rising demand for good online writers hits the roof - as it surely will.

Apart from making money from the affiliate program at the site you choose to join, you will also be in a good position to advertise your online writing services or to get work directly from the hundreds or thousands of potential clients who visit the site regularly looking for good content.

Sadly there are hardly any affiliate programs for writers yet or writer’s sites with good affiliate schemes. Actually they are very few. My advice is that if you can find even one that you can rely on, then it is a good idea to join immediately and set up a system to maximize your earnings from that single site. Then as other similar sites emerge and prove their reliability, you can transfer your skills and contacts to earning money from those other sites as well. That is exactly what I have done myself.

In this article I will reveal the name of that site I have joined and I’ll also give you a few tips on how to maximize on your earnings from that site, both from the affiliate scheme and from your writing.

This site has got a number of advantages over other sites for writers;

- The site sells your writing directly to clients seeking content. The writer gets the largest percentage and the balance is shared out with the host site, the writer’s up line (person who introduced them to the site) and the site that introduced the client who ended up purchasing the content at the writer’s site.

Writers have never been good marketers of their work and besides even when they are, marketing and selling your writing work can be very time-consuming. This site enables the writer to concentrate on writing and somebody else (in this case the website) does all your marketing and selling for you.

- There are two ways that your content can be purchased from the site. You can sell exclusive rights or license rights. Exclusive rights means that you cannot sell the same content again to somebody else, but under license terms, it means that you can still sell the same content to many other sites. I find this unique feature of the license terms, exciting because an article you wrote once can earn you income (royalties) several times and for many years to come.

- You will earn 5 per cent of all the earnings of other writers that you introduce to the site. 5 per cent may not be much but remember most of the cash has to go to the writer. And again, if you introduce many active writers, the income can be interesting. For example, imagine a situation where you introduce 200 active writers to the site and they are each earning an average of just $100 every month. Your 5 per cent will be $1,000 every month. Not bad money for doing nothing.

Introducing 200 active writers will not be that difficult, especially if you are a regular reader of my writing blog.

- Clients seeking content that arrive at the site via your affiliate link will earn you 20 per cent from whatever purchases they make. For this you will need to register separately for the affiliate program where they will analyze the main site you intend to use to refer clients to the constant content site.

- It is free to register at this writer’s site, which in my opinion is a sign of wonderful things to come for the online writer.

How do folks make serious money? Most do so by recognizing a trend and investing in it before it has taken off properly. This growing huge demand for online writers is a trend that is clear to most people. Now you must take urgent steps to invest in it.

Please use the link in my resource box below to get to the site I am referring to in this article. Tips on how best to make money from your own writing at the site are available at my writer’s blog.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

How My Business Writing Helped Me Make Thousands Of Dollars

Years ago (long before I had done any business writing and shortly after making my big break in writing via reviewing films for a small daily newspaper) I was suddenly thrown into the world of business writing. Yes, I can see you yawn. If it will make you feel any better, that is exactly how I felt at the time.

Please hear me out and it will change your online writing career when you understand what it has to do with business writing.

Until then I had enjoyed reading biographies about business people and basically folks who had made lots of money. I admired the secret behind their success. I found their “aha” moments fascinating. What is a “aha” moment? It is the moment of discovery or as a good friend would put it, a moment of “pure divine revelation.” The moment you see something you have never “seen” before. It happens every day to all of us, but for some it is a historical moment because the thing they see has never been seen by anybody else before and it ends up making them a fortune.

For Henry Ford, it was the moment he visualized the first assembly line in the world. That small “aha’ moment was single-handedly responsible for the vast fortune Ford made mostly through producing the Model T through an assembly line. Assembly lines revolutionized production making things more efficient and production faster.

But although I enjoyed reading biographies of famous entrepreneurs, the word “Business Writing” still elicited wide, big yawns from me. To me then, business writing was a subject that was so boring that no real writer worth anything would dare to try and write about it. To me then, creative writing was for exciting things, like a short story, a novel or even a newspaper feature or news story about some interesting trends or event. But business writing? Argghh.

A small trade magazine needed an editor to help turn around it’s fortunes. It was actually on the verge of bankruptcy. I quickly accepted the challenge and clean forgot that this was a “business writing” job. And worse still, I would be spending most of my time editing boring business writing.

I will be forever grateful for that business writing opportunity because it was that stint with the Trade magazine that changed my perception of business writing forever. Years later I believe my success as an online writer has a lot to do with the skills I developed as a business writer and editor at that small trade magazine.

To my amazement as I hesitantly started writing my first business stories for the Trade magazine (it was one of those small staff operation where even the editor does a lot of the writing) I quickly realized that my previous experience had greatly prepared me. The fascination that I had felt in discovering great entrepreneur’s “aha’ moments was transferred to the ordinary entrepreneurs covered in the business and trade magazine. I quickly realized that the vast majority of businesses usually fail. Even successful companies launch plenty of products that end up being major flops.

With this realization I started to study the things that made a business successful. So began a fascinating journey which I am still on even today as I do most of my writing online. That fascination showed in my writing and the readership of the Trade journal quickly gathered momentum. Some of those new readers were big advertisers and they responded immediately. Very soon the previously struggling business magazine started to prosper.

Online writing is business writing. Does it not fascinate you what makes a certain site or blog receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a day when most other blogs on the same subject are lucky to get a dozen visitors on a good day? When you approach the subject in this manner topics that would otherwise quickly put you to sleep like search engine optimization suddenly light up and you begin to experience your “aha” moments.

The reason why I have written about my experience as a business writer here is because I sense from the many emails I receive and from the posts by writers in this blog, that many online writers today are exactly like I was before I started editing and writing for that business magazine. Writers are mostly artiste types and most of the things you will be called to write about online are “boring”. Did you know that your boredom about a certain subject will always show in your writing? Just like your fascination and interest will also show in your writing?

When you understand that online writing is business writing and that there is plenty to discover and be excited about, it will change your online writing career forever. Online writing is business writing.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Make Money Writing For Affiliate Marketers

Ever since the amazing success of that saw the very first use of affiliates in marketing a website, affiliate programs have become the most common method for online entrepreneurs to make money online. And make no mistake about it, some leading affiliates are typically earning $100,000 or more every month. So affiliate entrepreneurs are big businesses. Bigger than selling diamond jewelry, bigger than keeping an eye on silver prices. It guarantees an online entrepreneur tha chance to make much more money than a lawyer would from any accutane lawsuits.

Naturally not all affiliates are raking in that kind of money. Most are in fact struggling to find an effective way f marketing their affiliate programs. And that is where an online writer comes in.

Join An Affiliate Program And Learn How To Write Affiliate Marketing Articles

Before I obtained my first affiliate marketing client, I joined a few affiliate programs and immediately started writing articles to promote them. I learned a lot doing this and it is this knowledge that I used to target my first affiliate marketing clients.

You can do the same. Remember that it makes plenty of sense to target the affiliate marketers because there are so many and they are very willing to spend money but as long as it works in getting them leads and ultimately sales for their affiliate programs.

Write articles showing off your affiliate Marketing skills

As you gain knowledge on what kind of articles work best for affiliate marketing, you can write articles to show off your knowledge. Just make sure that your resource box at the bottom of the article talks about your writing services for affiliate marketing and how to contact you. The address of your blog should also be indicated.

I have found that this is by far the most effective way of marketing online writing services that are targeted at affiliate marketers or affiliates seeking ways to market their affiliate programs. It is not too difficult to figure out why articles are so effective here. Affiliates are usually hungry for any useful information that will help them market their affiliate programs better.

You can visit my blog to see some of the most effective articles in attracting clients and prospects to your writing services for affiliate marketing.

Start A Blog And Use It To Market Your Affiliate Marketing Writing Services

It is fast emerging that no successful online marketing strategy will fail to include blogs in its’ program. Blogs are very powerful online marketing tools. Here you blog can simply be a collection of the articles you write on affiliate marketing and how writing services can be used effectively in promoting any affiliate program. With the right keywords you should be able to attract search engine traffic. It is actually much easier for a blog to attract search engine traffic than it is for a site. Mainly because search engines love blogs for several reasons. One of the reasons is the fact that blogs are updated and fresh content is posted on a very regular basis.

What’s even more fascinating here is the fact that after you have gotten yourself loads of good content, you can apply to Google Adsense to post their ads at your blog. This can give you some extra income as you get paid when your visitors click on the Adsense ads. The earnings from Google can be quite substantial even as you market your affiliate marketing writing services.

d) Build An Opt-in Email List To Help Sell Your Affiliate Marketing Writing Services
To be successful in any form of online marketing, you must find a way of building an opt-in email list that you can market to again and again. The way to do this is to offer a special report or a brief email course on the subject. In this way, you will be able to harvest email addresses for your opt-in email list, which will be one of the most important tools in selling your affiliate marketing writing services.

In Conclusion, the affiliates market is so huge that you can be a very successful online writer targeting affiliate marketing only.
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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

How To Use Online Tools To Land That Lucrative Offline Business Writing Assignment

Most writers being artists, they are yet to learn how to put to use the most powerful marketing tool ever invented, the Internet, to market their writing and business writing services.

And while there is a huge and rapidly growing online market for business writers, the serious money is still in scarce but extremely lucrative offline business-writing assignments.

In this article we take a look at some powerful online marketing techniques any writer can use to dramatically increase their offline business.

Create The Business Writing Assignment

You can create the business writing assignment by showing prospective clients the benefits of the end product. For instance a common offline writing assignment is the writing of books for clients. Start by carefully studying the impact of these books on the businesses of those entrepreneurs who have had their books ghostwritten for them. Try and get as specific information as possible. For example if sales increased by 40 per cent within a few weeks of the book being released, then that is the sort of specific information that is very believable and will have an impact.

You may be wondering where you can get this kind of information, but you should remember that the Internet is an amazing tool for research.

Armed with this information, you can then use it in your ads, articles, at discussion forums and basically in whatever method you want to use to market your business writing. You will always sound much more convincing and will therefore be able to literally create a demand for your business writing services.

Write Articles on Business Writing

Articles are without doubt one of the most effective online marketing tools that anybody can use. Hardly surprising when you realize that vast majorities of people who come online are looking for information which is mostly available in the form of articles online.

As an entrepreneur in the business of writing, articles are an ideal way for you to display your skill and expertise to prospective clients. The really amazing thing about articles is that once you have posted them online, they will continue to attract traffic and prospects to you for years to come.

Your articles should be packed with loads of valuable information on how people can benefit from business writing services. Be careful not to focus on the features of business writing but instead focus on the benefits.

Apart from posting your articles at article sites, you can also launch an articles blog where you can post all you business-writing articles.

Discuss Your Business Writing At Discussion Forums

High traffic discussion forums are a great way to promote anything, including your offline business writing services. While you do not want to SPAM these sites with straight advertising, there are numerous creative ways you can use to get traffic headed to your business writing blog or site where they can get more details about the services you offer. One of the most common ways of doing this is by including a signature with every post you make.

Study Current Offline Business Writing Assignments

By studying the current offline business writing assignments that clients are handing out, you will be in a much better position to know what to target in your promotional efforts.

Where does somebody get this information? At popular freelance writing sites where prospects advertise for freelance writers and ghostwriters to help them out with their various assignments.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How To Ghostwrite Your Way To A Fortune

There has never been a better time in history for a ghostwriter to make a fortune on a regular basis. Opportunities abound as millions of sites require the services of online ghostwriters.

A number of recent developments have dramatically pushed up the need for good ghostwriters. Firstly as competition for high rankings in search engines has increased, well-written and regular updated content has become more and more important. Then there has been the Google Adsense Pay-per-click (PPC) ads revolution. More and more site owners are posting the ads at their sites and some of them are making regular tidy five figure incomes from their Google ads. Now the fascinating thing about these ads is that, although traffic is important, the value of the ads posted at a site are even more important. Most ads will attract only cents for the Webmaster in revenue for every click that happens at a site. Other ads can attract up to $100 for a single click. The trick is to attract the right kind of ads and the only way to do this is through the content.

The result of all these developments are numerous and growing opportunities for online ghostwriters. However to make money as a ghostwriter you will need to know what to do.

Advertise Your Ghostwriting Services Effectively

There are hundreds of desperate site owners looking for good inexpensive ghostwriters right now, even as you read this. They will need to find you and after finding you, they will need to be convinced that you are the ghostwriter they are looking for. Charging the right price is not enough, they will need to see samples of your writing and they will also need to be convinced that you have what it takes to help them make more money.

There is an even bigger market of site owners out there who have no idea how affordable an online ghostwriter can be and the difference that a good ghostwriter can make to their revenues. You should also target this huge market.

The fastest way to reach prospects is by advertising at freelance writing sites. You will however need an effective longer-term strategy for getting clients. One of the best strategies, which I have used myself with great success is writing articles about the benefits of a ghostwriter to a prospect and how good writing can dramatically increase their traffic and revenue.

Successful Online Ghostwriters, Write A Lot

You will need to write a lot and consistently to make serious money as a ghostwriter. This is the reason why it will make a lot of sense for you to practice writing lots of articles as you wait for your ghostwriting clients to give you actual assignments. You can write articles promoting your ghostwriting services.

Also see my article at elsewhere in this blog for techniques and tricks to help you write faster.

Establish Blogs And Ghostwrite For Yourself

You will make even more money by both ghostwriting for others and for yourself. How do you make money by ghostwriting for yourself? It’s very simple really, you establish your own blog and put a reasonable amount of useful content and then apply to Google Adsense to be allowed to carry their PPC ads. There are various sites that will design and host your blog for free. The leading one is

Google will of course check out your site before they make a decision to allow you to post the Google Adsense code, so you should ensure that you have a reasonable amount of content before applying to Google.

There are some blog and site owners who have made claims online that they make up to $25,000 a month from their Google Adsense ads. Obviously to make this kind of money you will need tons of good content which you can ghostwrite for yourself during slow periods or as you wait for your initial clients. It will take a period of learning for you to start making significant cash from Google Adsense but the huge advantage is that what you learn working for yourself will also be pretty helpful when you’re ghostwriting for clients.

Looking for a good seo ghost writer?

What A Ghostwriter Needs To Do To Earn Top Dollar

The huge demand for writers online is really for ghostwriters. A vast majority
of the available online writing jobs for an online writer are for ghost writing projects.

Looking for a good seo ghost writer?

When a website or blog requires content, they will want a ghostwriter to churn
out the content for them. In fact the demand for good ghostwriters online is
so huge that it is unlikely to be met any time soon.

Note that the huge demand is for good ghostwriters, not just any ghostwriter
who does not add value to a client’s site or put any money in the site owner’s
pockets. Unfortunately there are so many ghostwriters online who do not
qualify to be called good ghostwriters. Because there is such a huge demand,
many of them still end up getting jobs here and there. But you need to be
good ghostwriters to get consistent repeat business and thus make a good
income from your ghostwriting. You need to understand very clearly what
most clients looking to hire a ghostwriter want.

So what are the specific qualities webmasters are looking for in

A Good Ghostwriter Must Write To Bring In The Traffic

Much as most people would wish it to be different, the fact still remains
that over 75 per cent of the traffic that successful sites receive, will
tend to come from search engines. Meaning that no ghostwriter in their
right mind can afford to ignore search engines.

In simple terms, the way to attract traffic is to use popular keywords
where you are guaranteed of a high ranking in the leading search engines.
There are various online tools that will help a ghostwriter to fulfill
this important task. They include Wordtracker.

A Good Ghostwriter Must Find The Words That
Will Portray The Right Image

Image is what sells, more so in the rapidly increasingly crowded online
market. A good online ghostwriter will make an effort to find the
words that will portray the right image for the particular website
or e-commerce online enterprise they are writing for. Experience is
critical in winning client confidence in most businesses. If this is
the most important attribute prospects will be looking for in your
client’s business, then your content will need to reflect this. Making
wild sweeping claims that anybody can make will not do it. But selecting
the right words that will lead to the implications and conclusions that
you want to point your client’s prospects towards, will be the most ideal.

A Useful Ghostwriter Will Identify The Resource
Box That Will Get Response

If your clients decide to make the smart move of posting the articles
you ghostwrite for them at other websites so as to create links
pointing back to their site, then the resource box will have to be
the most important tool at your disposal. Read the following detailed
article I wrote on resource boxes at;

A Good Ghostwriter Will Need To Know Which Google Adsense
Keywords Count The Most

If your client is among the growing number of site owners posting Google
Adsense PPC ads at their site as an extra income stream, the right keywords
will be a critical contributing factor to success. This is because the
Google Adsense ads that appear at their site will totally be based on
the content and especially the keywords used. Most keywords will attract
only cents for every click the site owner achieves from their traffic.
Yet other keywords will attract ads where a single click is worth $100.

In other words, it is the content that is even more important than the
volume of traffic in deciding how much a site owner earns from Google
Adsense. A ghostwriter who understands this and is skilled enough to
deliver will be invaluable to any site or Webmaster.

Monday, August 08, 2005

What Clients Are Looking For In Online Ghostwriters

The kind of writing that an online writer needs to do to earn top
dollar is based on a few factors, all of which will help your client
to attract more traffic and increase their revenues.

Any online writer who keeps this objective in mind is bound to be
much more successful and prosperous than those who are yet to
discover this money-making secret for online writers.

So what sort of writing will attract traffic and increase revenue
for your clients?

See a detailed article I have written on this subject at;