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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This Man Is Set To Make A Million Dollars From His Blogs

A writer can make a fortune just writing a couple of blogs. Finally we have some hard evidence to show you what we mean.

It is not clear why this blogger decided to go public about this, but nobody is doubting him as his well-know string of blogs contain lots of well-written great content and usually receives tons of traffic. Jason Calacanis recently dropped the bombshell and announced in his personal blog that he is on course to making one million dollars annually from Adsense on his blogs.

Well they say, a million bucks is a million bucks, because all the evidence has been there for sometime now that there are some folks out there making the sort of incomes most other people can only dream about from the Adsense affiliate program.

Mr Calacanis has quite a number of blogs, in fact in the blog entry where he makes this astounding revelation, he says that his Adsense revenue grew as his number of blogs increased.

He further reveals that he is always brimming with new ideas to try out in his online publishing business. Yes, that’s how he views his operations, an online publishing empire of blogs.

The Calacanis story further confirms how Adsense has managed to establish itself as a reliable advertising partner for online publishers. Perhaps the biggest advantage that Adsense brings is that a blogger or online publisher can concentrate on delivering quality content and really getting to know their audience without having to waste valuable time and expense going out to look for advertisers. Calacanis admits that when he started “playing” with Adsense in September 2004, he would never have imagined that it was possible to make a million dollars without a sales person.

That’s not all, this guy has other sources of income from his blogs, which is what he was thriving on long before he started “playing” with Adsense.

Read his amazing post for yourself at;

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