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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How To Make Money By Displaying Your Work At The Constant content site

Every online writer should register at sites like these, because it
is the perfect way to invest and cash in on the huge demand for good
online writers that is about to hit the roof. More so because you
will also be able to earn money from the work of other writers that
you introduce to the site.

If you haven’t joined yet, please use this link to register now

This article will focus on how writers can make money from their
own writing at this site.

Let me start by telling you that you will need patience and a
strategy because this is a competitive situation. Those seeking
content at this site are able to choose between you and other
writers. So the first thing is to make sure you start with subjects
that you are very familiar with. There is also the fact that the
site will review all writing before it can be approved for posting.
So your writing has to be good.

Base your writing on the market demand

Take a close look at recently sold content at the website and
note how much it was sold for. Also take a careful note of whether
exclusive rights or “regular” (license rights) to the article
were sold.

The next thing you need to do is take a look at the recently
requested content from clients. Usually this can be send to
you daily via email as the site receives content requests.
When you register make sure you allow for email updates of
requested content.

With this information you can then embark on writing something
that has been requested for. There is no guarantee that the
client will purchase your work, but in case your writing is not
purchased, it will still be available for other clients to buy
at the site. Chances of you selling are high because this site
receives heavy traffic from site owners seeking to purchase
content. And if one client requested something, chances are
high that others visiting later are bound to want the same article.

Set your price carefully

Initially it is a good strategy to aim at selling something so
set your prices as low as you possibly can. Don’t worry about
your earnings too much at this initial stage. The idea is to sell
something first as you develop skills to write content that
you can sell for a higher price later.

Remember that if 50 people end up purchasing license rights
to display a single article where you have set the price at $5
for example, that one article will earn $250. If you do 20
articles like this the earnings will be $5,000. A huge percentage
of that amount will end up in your pockets, and it will be
from $5 articles.

I agree that these figures look high but remember that Rome was
not built in a day. If you join a commercial pilot training
program today, you will not get to fly a passenger jet in the
first week. Not even in the first two years. Life is like that.
The best and most lucrative investments take a little time to
mature. It may take you about six months to start earning some
serious cash from your articles at this site. But once you start
earning big, your high earnings can be almost on autopilot with
you putting in very little work every month. Get the idea?

What I like most about this site is the fact that it beats a
trend I see with online writing that will impact our earnings
for years to come. All indications are that webmasters will
continue to pay very low rates for content. By putting yourself
in a situation where several people can purchase the same
content, you increase the earnings you are capable of getting
from a single article. And you do this rather dramatically.

Write a single article every two days

This site for writers is ideal for beginners but it is also
good for experienced online writers. I’ve joined myself and I
consider myself a very experienced online writer. A good
strategy is to invest just a little of your time every week,
since this is an investment that will take a little longer
than your other usual efforts. You can for example write one
article every two days for this site. After a short period of
time, you’ll have a lot of your content on display for sale
at the site making your potential earnings higher.

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