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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How To Ghostwrite Your Way To A Fortune

There has never been a better time in history for a ghostwriter to make a fortune on a regular basis. Opportunities abound as millions of sites require the services of online ghostwriters.

A number of recent developments have dramatically pushed up the need for good ghostwriters. Firstly as competition for high rankings in search engines has increased, well-written and regular updated content has become more and more important. Then there has been the Google Adsense Pay-per-click (PPC) ads revolution. More and more site owners are posting the ads at their sites and some of them are making regular tidy five figure incomes from their Google ads. Now the fascinating thing about these ads is that, although traffic is important, the value of the ads posted at a site are even more important. Most ads will attract only cents for the Webmaster in revenue for every click that happens at a site. Other ads can attract up to $100 for a single click. The trick is to attract the right kind of ads and the only way to do this is through the content.

The result of all these developments are numerous and growing opportunities for online ghostwriters. However to make money as a ghostwriter you will need to know what to do.

Advertise Your Ghostwriting Services Effectively

There are hundreds of desperate site owners looking for good inexpensive ghostwriters right now, even as you read this. They will need to find you and after finding you, they will need to be convinced that you are the ghostwriter they are looking for. Charging the right price is not enough, they will need to see samples of your writing and they will also need to be convinced that you have what it takes to help them make more money.

There is an even bigger market of site owners out there who have no idea how affordable an online ghostwriter can be and the difference that a good ghostwriter can make to their revenues. You should also target this huge market.

The fastest way to reach prospects is by advertising at freelance writing sites. You will however need an effective longer-term strategy for getting clients. One of the best strategies, which I have used myself with great success is writing articles about the benefits of a ghostwriter to a prospect and how good writing can dramatically increase their traffic and revenue.

Successful Online Ghostwriters, Write A Lot

You will need to write a lot and consistently to make serious money as a ghostwriter. This is the reason why it will make a lot of sense for you to practice writing lots of articles as you wait for your ghostwriting clients to give you actual assignments. You can write articles promoting your ghostwriting services.

Also see my article at elsewhere in this blog for techniques and tricks to help you write faster.

Establish Blogs And Ghostwrite For Yourself

You will make even more money by both ghostwriting for others and for yourself. How do you make money by ghostwriting for yourself? It’s very simple really, you establish your own blog and put a reasonable amount of useful content and then apply to Google Adsense to be allowed to carry their PPC ads. There are various sites that will design and host your blog for free. The leading one is

Google will of course check out your site before they make a decision to allow you to post the Google Adsense code, so you should ensure that you have a reasonable amount of content before applying to Google.

There are some blog and site owners who have made claims online that they make up to $25,000 a month from their Google Adsense ads. Obviously to make this kind of money you will need tons of good content which you can ghostwrite for yourself during slow periods or as you wait for your initial clients. It will take a period of learning for you to start making significant cash from Google Adsense but the huge advantage is that what you learn working for yourself will also be pretty helpful when you’re ghostwriting for clients.

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