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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Self Publishing Book Tricks You Can Use

There are a number of self publishing book tricks that you can learn which can make a huge difference to the level of success that you will ultimately attain. A lot of the most effective tricks and tips call for a very deep understanding of human nature and lots of creativity.

For instance the book you end up self publishing will sell a lot better if you use the age old trick that has served publishers well for centuries, of focusing on a nagging problem. The more serious and pressing the problem is the better your book you will sell.

Yet another of the really effective techniques from the publisher's bag of tricks is to create a publicity or media event around the book you are self publishing long before its' release. The idea is to create a buzz in the media that will cause people to sit up in anticipation of the release of your book. This is one of the favorite tricks employed by Hollywood to market films, and they should be no reason why it will not work just as well for the book you are self publishing.

Another trick of the trade is to create the sort of book title for your self publishing venture that cannot be ignored. If your title does not work there is nothing wrong with changing it. One of the common tricks employed by publishers on books that do not sell is to repackage them by mainly giving them a new title. This trick has worked marvelously in many instances and is well worth considering if the book you are self publishing does not sell well initially.
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