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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Self Publishing Book Sales: How To Guarantee That They Are Always High

The most efficient and reliable sales methods for any book that you will be self publishing are all based online.

The truth is that there is no offline equivalent to a blog and neither is there an advertising medium that is as targeted and efficient as Adwords and other leading PPC (pay per click) advertising mediums.

Blogs and PPC ads are the most potent weapons for marketing that book that you are self publishing so that you end up achieving very high regular sales. These two online weapons will give you an amazing unlimited reach that you can ensure is very tightly targeted at the exact kind of people that are your best possible potential clients.

Sales that you will get from marketing the book you are self publishing through blogs will be free and can yet can be huge. All you need to do is to be careful to use keyword phrases in your blog that are most likely to draw lots of traffic from leading search engines. The same keyword articles should also be posted at leading article directories where there is a good chance of them going viral and getting re-posted in numerous other sites all over the Wold Wide Web. Your promotional article will have links pointing back to your blog, so this is also one way of rapidly accumulating a very high number of one way links pointing at your blog. This will dramatically improve your blogs ranking with leading search engines and result in even higher traffic.

Later you can use some of your profits to invest in a Adwords ppc campaign where again you will need to carefully select the keywords phrases that you would like to target.

Using only these two methods, it is easy to guarantee high regular book sales of your self publishing works for years to come.
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