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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Best Self Publishing Book Promotion Idea

Creativity is the key to discovering the best self publishing book promotion ideas. The truth is that good self publishing book promotion ideas will yield the best results and enable you to swiftly make a huge return from your investment.

One of the best and most effective self publishing book promotion ideas you will ever come across that of publishing parts of your book in the form of brief useful articles that can be distributed via leading high traffic article directories on the net. Done properly, this free promotional method has the potential of enabling you to sell tens of thousands of books without the help of any other promotional method. To start with good articles usually enjoy an amazingly swift viral effect where they quickly get re-posted at other sites and blogs all over the World Wide Web.
So it is possible to start off with your best self publishing book promotion articles posted at one or two sites and end up in a situation where they get re-posted in thousands of other sites. If your resource box has a link pointing back to your main book web site or blog site, then this could result in huge targeted traffic that is your potential market constantly flooding at your site.
This innocent-looking simple idea is one of the best, most effective self publishing book promotion ideas I have ever tried out.
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