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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Web Advertising Techniques To Generate Lots of Traffic And Prosper Your Online Writing Business

Web advertising is no doubt one of the most exciting aspects of any online business. The reason is simple. Many online entrepreneurs have proved time and again that it is very possible to build substantial traffic and online profits using free web advertising techniques.

This means that with the right web advertising techniques any freelance writer can generate more online assignments than they can handle. It also means that using the same free web advertising techniques that we promote in this online writing blog, any writer can build up a substantial business based on their writing that will generate thousands of dollars every week.

And it can all be done using free web advertising tools. One does not need invest a cent, all you require are the right skills and the right technique. It surely can’t get more exciting than that.

Web Advertising That DOES NOT Work

Still, before you even start using any web advertising techniques, free or otherwise it is critical that one understands web advertising. Especially what works and even more important, why it works. Without this understanding it is highly unlikely that you will make any significant progress in web advertising.

To succeed in web advertising you must be careful to consider the motivation that drives your prospects. When you understand this, it will be much easier for you to find all the right ‘hot buttons’ to touch.

To start with there is a very important truth that you must always keep in mind. And that is folks do not come online to be advertised to. They come online to seek information and they are often pressed for time, so they hate anything that wastes their time and guess what the most notorious time-waster on the net is. It is web advertising. Actually conventional web advertising (which is not what this article is about). Conventional web advertising includes those annoying pop up and pop under ads, banner display ads that take up too much space and limit the information that can be quickly accessed, and so on.

Folks not only hate them, they will do anything to avoid them, even paying money for software to ensure that they limit their consumption of unwanted and time-consuming web advertising. This is the reason why software blocking pop-up ads continues to be so popular online. Some search engines are even offering free pop-up blocking as part of their service.

No matter what hype you are being fed on the so-called effectiveness of certain forms of web advertising, one thing is crystal clear – you will not attract prospects and clients by annoying them in the first place.

Web Advertising That Works

So what kind of web advertising works? Here is a simple straight answer to that question. It is web advertising that does not look like advertising. This means that you have to lay aside your motive to advertise and replace it with the objective of providing relevant information. The most effective web-advertising practitioners spend their time providing a service of availing relevant information.

Let us take a closer look at the most successful web advertising company n the world so that this truth sinks in. That company is without doubt Google. Google provide a service through the text ads that appear prominently displayed next to searches. Note that these ads don’t look like ads. They are tiny text things that are relevant to whatever search you are doing. You have the option to ignore them – and most people do, when searching for something. But once in a while when the information you seek is not readily available or is not adequate from the results you get, you will click on one or two of these text links to find out more. Many times you will be pleasantly surprised to find exactly what you are looking for.

Meanwhile Google earns money only when somebody clicks on those text ads.

This is the most successful online web advertising model and it tells us a lot about successful web advertising. However the most significant truths are that web advertising works best when it does not look like advertising and when the promoter sets out to provide a useful free information service.

The Most Effective Web Advertising Technique

This is precisely the reason why providing a free article service is the most effective web advertising technique you can ever come up with. Your article service must be focused on providing valuable free information. This is exactly what the most successful web sites and blogs do. That’s what all the high traffic is about.

And what’s even more exciting about the articles technique in web advertising is the fact that you do not need to wait until you get a high traffic site or blog. You are actually supposed to post your articles at article directories and other sites that accept free article submissions. Chances are quite high that you are reading this article at such a site.

An Effective Web Advertising Strategy

Once you have written your articles promoting your online writing service by providing genuinely valuable information on this service, the next thing you can do is organize for a website or even a blog where you can post all these articles. You can actually build up a significant traffic to your blog or website by simply posting your articles at a few high traffic article directories. If your information is good, you will find that your article quickly gets re-posted all over the net, triggering off a viral effect that will create even more links pointing back to your site or blog. The link will be contained in the resource box of your article.

One of the many advantages of having a blog or website of your own is that you can then organize to have other revenue streams for your articles. For instance you can apply to post Google Adsense ads, which can earn you a substantial income on the side. You can also join numerous other affiliate programs that will also give you additional income (be careful to use only text ads. Avoid banner ads no matter how impressive and beautiful they look).

Successful Web Advertising Must Harvest Email Addresses

Your resource box must seek to harvest email addresses. This will ensure that you keep in touch with a certain percentage of the folks who found your article and information relevant. The way to do this is to offer a valuable free report or free online course via email. The same e-course or free email report should also be available at your site. The email list you build, often referred to as an opt-in email list is a very valuable and necessary part of any successful web advertising strategy. Read my article on how to build an opt-in email address using articles at my other blog;


Once you have mastered these free web advertising techniques, there is no limit to what you can do or achieve with your online writing or with any other online enterprise for that matter. Take time to keep on reading and gathering as much information as you possibly can on effective web advertising.

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