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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

How To Turn Your Skills Into Lucrative Consulting Services Using Online Writing

Anybody and everybody can turn their skills and knowledge into lucrative consulting services. It is sad that there are so many people desperately searching for a way to make money online and yet they consider everything else except their most valuable asset, which is their skills and special knowledge.

You could have gained this special skill or knowledge from a job you have kept most of your life, a favorite hobby or even from books that you’ve read. In actual fact everybody has a valuable skill or special knowledge that they can turn into wildly successful online consulting services.

While it is true that the net has destroyed many businesses, it has also created many more marvelous opportunities. The only problem is that most are often too conservative and stuck in their old ways of doing things to ever identify or see new opportunities. You should be as sharp as Ortho Evra Attorneys.

One of the most lucrative new opportunities created is that of consulting services. Before the net, many types of consulting services were just not viable. Simply because it was difficult and in some cases virtually impossible to find enough clients to make the business work. The World Wide Web has changed all that because it has made brand new businesses based on very tiny niches, workable for the very first time. This includes consulting services based on tiny little segments of an industry, hobby or career.

The quickest and most effective way of turning your skills and knowledge into cash using consulting services is through online writing. And you do not need to be a writer, you can hire a low cost online writer.

a) Package and Sell Your Consulting Services in Special Reports
The amazing thing about the abundance of free information online is that it has created a greater and more urgent hunger for the sort of information that can only be supplied by an expert through consulting services. Most people are not aware of this fact.

Actually what radio did for popular music in the last millenium is exactly what the net is doing for information in the current millenium. And just like the last time, it is taking a long for most people to realize what is actually happening.

You can write and sell special reports as one of the ways of giving your consulting services. Special Reports cost virtually nothing to produce and you can distribute them via email. Ask for a small price and aim to make your money from huge volumes. Folks will willingly pay as long as they can get some sort of assurance that your information is exactly what they are looking for.

b) Blogging Consulting Services
In the wonderful World Wide Web, new and better ways through which a person with consulting services can earn money are being created all the time. Here is a business model that will totally blow your mind away. You start a blog based on your consulting services and use it to post the articles that you should write and post all over the net as a way to advertise your consulting services. But meanwhile you can earn some serious cash from your blog by posting Google Adsense PPC (Pay Per Click) ads on your site.

The Adsense program from Google has been widely successful with small sites and blogs and there are some site owners who earn thousands of dollars every month from their Adsense ads. You will find more details on Adsense and how you can make money from it in one of my blogs listed in the resource box below.

c) The Power of Free Samples In Consulting Services
To successfully market your consulting services, you will need to understand and appreciate the power of a free sample. Used properly, a free sample is good way of to whet the appetite of a potential client.

One of the ways of offering a free sample is by writing numerous articles and distributing them all over the net. The resource box at the bottom should contain details on how you can be reached as well as your site address and the consulting services that you are offering.

There are dozens of other ways that you can use a free sample to make money online. For instance you can offer a few online lessons based on your area of expertise via an email course and then offer the rest of it for a fee. Just ensure that it so engrossing that when most folks finish the free part of the online course, they will willingly pay for the second part in order to get your valuable information and fully learn your skills.

Secondly when you write a book, as all consultants should, you can make a small part of it available online in the form of free articles and special reports. This is a great way to promote any book.

Always look for way in your consulting services to make use of the greatest marketing weapon ever discovered by man – a free sample.

d) Consulting Services And Your Email Signature
Your Email signature can be a great way of advertising and promoting your online consulting services. All you need is a brief message at the bottom of all emails you usually send out.

An excellent idea is to use your email signature to point people to specific articles in your blog or web site where they can get more information. This is because, the way email signatures are designed, they can hardly do a complete selling job on their own. (Read more about how you can use email from other world experts)
e) Consulting Services Through Instant Messaging Telephone
The speed at which technology is moving is blinding, to say the least. This is one of the reasons why most people can still not see the opportunities available online. One of the new developments that greatly expands the potential and reach of any online consulting services entrepreneur is the introduction of voice in instant messaging services.

This means that anybody with consulting services can give telephone-consulting services to anybody situated in any corner of the globe using the net. The call costs virtually nothing, no matter how long you talk. All you need to do is to keep on paying for your regular Internet connection.

Recently it has been announced that two of the leading instant messaging systems have been made compatible. Meaning that you can chat or talk using voice, across different services.

There has really never been a more exciting time for consulting services.


Christopher Kyalo is a successful online writer and entrepreneur. You can also visit for Adsense information. Order his free email course NOW by sending a blank email to He can be reached at strongwallafrica at

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