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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Self-publishing Is The Real Secret To High Search Engine Positioning

What does search engine positioning have to do with a self-publishing online writer? The answer is simple. Actually it has everything to do with a self-publishing writer.

Everybody including self-publishing online writers needs traffic to their sites – actually lots of it. In other words without traffic, nothing happens. And the most efficient and reliable way of getting that traffic is through high search engine positioning. Everybody knows that when most people do searches, they hardly go beyond the first few pages. So the idea behind high search engine positioning is to make every effort to get your site or blog listed on the first few pages.

Yet online self-publishing writers have a huge advantage in that articles or online content plays an extremely important role in search engine positioning and ranking.

Self-publishing Articles Are The Most Effective Search Engine Positioning Tool

The whole reason why somebody uses a search engine in the first place is to find information. Actually mostly, free information. This is precisely what an online self-publishing writer provides in plenty. Well-written articles from a self-publishing webmaster or online writer will always get any site much better search engine positioning. If those articles take trouble to use the right, less competitive keywords, then the result will be very high traffic coming in from search engines. This is closely related to search engine positioning because it usually leads to more links pointing at a site. If most of these links are from higher ranked sites, then there will be a dramatic impact on the search engine positioning of the site.

Self-publishing Writers Use The Resource Box To Get High Search Engine Positioning

One of the really important keys to getting a good search engine positioning for a site is for the self-publishing writer to make full and proper use of the article resource box. This is an art and skill that requires lots of attention.

It is the resource box that will usually contain links to the site where you want to drive traffic. And it is the way a self-publishing writer writes the resource box that will determine how many people reading the article will actually make an effort to get to the site. Believe it or not, a couple of words in the right order will make the difference between getting a dozen visitors and receiving thousands.

High Search Engine Positioning And The Right Keywords Will Lead To High AdSense earnings
There is little doubt that the Google Adsense PPC ads program is the most successful small business affiliate program on the World Wide Web. Good search engine positioning will lead to high traffic which will in turn impact very positively on the Google Adsense ads posted at the self-publsihing writer'’ website.

There is really no other way of getting high consistent traffic other than through search engines and positioning is naturally critical in this matter. The higher the search engine positioning, the higher the traffic the site will tend to enjoy.

The AdSense program has become a very important source of revenue for most self-publishing online writers, most of whom will tend to post their articles to a certain blog and then apply to Google to be given the privilege of carrying AdSense ads on their sites.

High search engine positioning is therefore very important and critical to the earnings of a self-publishing online writer because a good ranking will attract much more traffic thus making the online writer more visible and much more capable of attracting clients to his writing services and other writing-related products. And a self-publishing writer has already has a very powerful weapon in his hands to enhance search engine positioning.

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