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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Millionaire Web Site Writers: How To Join This Exclusive Club

Many people do not believe that it is possible to be a millionaire web site writer. Actually it is very possible and is in fact already being done. There are two ways that you can become a millionaire web site writer.

a) You can launch your own blog/site and using SEO skills make it so popular that you will be able to earn some high amounts from Adsense and other affiliate programs that you join based on the high traffic you will be enjoying.

b) You can concentrate on finding the best way to sell your writing skills to the very hungry web market. Joining a web site that helps you market your writing as well as providing content directly to web sites.

In this article we shall deal with the second method of becoming a millionaire web site writer, since not everybody is an SEO (search engine optimization) expert.

The way to do it is to find clients who are willing to pay you percentage of their profits from your writing. For example there are some site owners who pay their writers a certain percentage of their Adsense earnings from content supplied by the web site writer.

Then you also need to be able to write pretty fast. This can be learnt by practice and also by reading tips from other successful web site content writers.

You can also join a special content provider's web site that sells its' members content and articles on their behalf. This fascinating site sells some of the content on license, meaning that it is possible to get paid more than once for an article. The the other advantage at this site that will help a web site content writer become a millionaire quickly is the fact you will earn a commission from all the writing of writer friends whom you introduce to the site.

Let me assure you that achieving millionaire status from web site content writing is no pipe dream, it can be done quite easily.

Any affiliate program selling web-hosting services that pays you for your referrals is highly attractive. I happen to know one that pays recurring commissions, meaning that as clients that you've referred pay their monthly web hosting fees, you earn money. You also earn cash from persons that your clients refer to the program as they pay up monthly. This particular program is very lucrative because it is a very reputable web hosting service that charges very low rates but gives excellent service. The bottom line here is that it is easy to make a sale (check out this amazingly profitable web hosting affiliate program for yourself).

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