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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Anybody Can Make Money From Online Writing: Affiliate and Recurring Fortune Secret That Will Work With Average Skills

Virtually anybody can make serious recurring money from online writing. What you are about to read is no theory, I use the exact same system myself and not only have I met with great success, but my income continues to grow in leaps and bounds every day.

All you need is minimal writing skills. If you write your own content for your blog, then you are qualified and well able to use this information to move into that situation where you will soon be earning some serious money online.

The big secret that you must appreciate here to fully comprehend the power of this strategy and system that you are going to read about in a few seconds is the huge advantage in targeting recurring income rather than non-recurring income.

Picture a situation where you make a big effort, maybe to the extent of even purchasing traffic so that you can generate some revenue from a certain affiliate program. This affiliate program could be the Adsense program for instance. Whether the whole exercise is a success or not, there will be a time when your advertising effort will come to a halt. Either it will stop working or you'll just run out of funds. That is the time you will begin to appreciate the power of recurring and residual income.

If your affiliate program is the sort that pays you once, then the moment your advertising and marketing stops, your income will also stop. That will be it.

However if you have chosen wisely and are running affiliate programs that give you recurring affiliate commissions, then you can move on knowing that you already have accumulated a certain amount of regular income that you will keep on earning for a long time to come without you having to lift a finger or do anything more. And if you are involved with the sort of programs that I actively seek out, your income will in fact grow with time, without you having to do anything more. This is NO fairy tale or hype. I is a fact, probably little known, but still a fact.

Start By Making Recurring Money From Your Existing Blog Content
There is no doubt that the demand for online content is COLOSSALLY HUGE. So it is not really surprising that one of the fastest growing web sites I know deals with selling content on behalf of its' members in return for a small commission. What’s more they have an option where the same content can be licensed over and over again, giving the writer recurring income for a long time to come from a single article.

All you have to do is to pick the best content on your web or blog site, give it a different headline and then rewrite the first and last sentence in each paragraph and you will have in your hands a brand new article that has the potential of earning you recurring income for a long time to come.

The trick here is to do this regularly. You can easily rewrite every article you produce for your site and put up a different version for sale at this web site.

To increase you recurring income substantially, you will also need to place your affiliate text link on your site, the idea here is to get others to sign up under you. This will effectively mean that all the content your referrals ever generate that gets sold will put money into your pocket through the second tier commissions paid out.

Now Place An Affiliate Link For A Service In High Demand At Your Site
Without changing the subject or approach of your web or blog site, the next thing you will need to do is place an affiliate link on your site from a program that will guarantee you recurring income. The affiliate link you place at your site must belong to an affiliate program with the following characteristics;

a) It must be an affiliate program that deals with a service or product that is in high demand currently and with clear prospects of further growth in demand in years to come.

b) It must be an affiliate program that pays commissions for second tier sales. That means that you will not only earn commission from your own efforts but also from the efforts of everybody that you introduce or refer to the program. This will dramatically increase your potential to earn serious revenue from your affiliate program.

c) It must be an affiliate program whose products are priced in such a way that high volume sales are very likely. Many affiliate programs these days attract affiliates with their high commission payouts based on high price. Many do not realize that the higher the price the lower the chances of high volume sales. The higher the sales at your affiliate program, the higher your revenue will be. More details on this are available at my blog.

Using this simple system, anybody with average writing skills can quickly find himself or herself on the road that leads to a substantial online income.

Any affiliate program selling web-hosting services that pays you for your referrals is highly attractive. I happen to know one that pays recurring commissions, meaning that as clients that you've referred pay their monthly web hosting fees, you earn money. You also earn cash from persons that your clients refer to the program as they pay up monthly. This particular program is very lucrative because it is a very reputable web hosting service that charges very low rates but gives excellent service. The bottom line here is that it is easy to make a sale (check out this amazingly profitable web hosting affiliate program for yourself).

Secondly any affiliate program that deals in content is bound to be highly lucrative because every site requires content. It gets even more interesting if it is the sort of affiliate program that enables any site owner to modify their old content a little and submit it to the site that then re-sells it on behalf of the site owner. You do not have to be a writer to be able to create this brand new lucrative extra source of revenue for your low traffic blog or web site. (Check out this amazing site for yourself and sign up today.)

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