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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How Freelance Web Site Writers Are Making $1,500 At A Time Of Easy Extra Money With Blog Posts

There is a rapidly growing market that some smart freelance web site writers are taking advantage of to make some easy extra money from their writing. This time the writing involves writing for clients in your own blogs rather than at other people's sites.

To understand what this kind of writing assignment is all about and why it is set to continue growing rapidly, it is important to understand a little about SEO (search engine optimization). The key feature of promoting any site with search engines, as everybody knows is through links in as many other sites as possible pointing to your site. So it is hardly surprising that there is a huge growing market of sites that are eager to purchase links.

There is a whole bunch of politics about purchased links, which I will not go into here. The important thing to note is that they still work wonders in improving many sites' search engine ranking and position, not to mention traffic. It is therefore hardly surprising that an increasing number of very reputable and respected web sites regularly purchase links.

So how does a writer fit into all this? The answer is simple. These text links, to be effective with search engines, have to be inserted into relevant posts or content of at least 50 words or more in length. What sites selling links to clients are doing is getting bloggers to blog creatively about their clients and then inserting the relevant link. The blogger then gets paid anything ranging from $3 to $16 and even more for each blog post they make that includes the relevant text link.

These small amounts tend to accumulate rather rapidly and even as you read this, there are bloggers who are making thousands of dollars every month online from blog posts. This sort of assignment is very similar to the conventional writer's assignment where you write articles on behalf of clients and get paid for it. Only that it is much easier in this case for a freelance web site writer to make some quick easy money.

The good news is for an online writer is that the number of web sites paying for blog posts is on the increase.

I usually combine this kind of writing with my other writing on behalf of clients and the result is that my monthly earnings from writing usually receive a tremendous boost.

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