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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Publishing and Selling A Million Dollar Ezine From Scratch

Publishing and selling an Internet Information publication or ezine successfully, requires a certain approach, lots of skill and a deep understanding of the publishing business and what makes it work.

It is fascinating that a lot of the principles that have always been important in offline publishing success are even more significant in Internet publishing. In fact there is at least one company that has proved this by applying only offline principles to its’ Internet publishing enterprise. And they stuck to their guns even when people told them that it would not work inline. As a result, they have succeeded tremendously and are today a multi-million dollar Internet publishing venture.

What’s more, one does not need to have been an experienced offline publisher to acquire a deep understanding of publishing. The net makes it possible for anybody to quickly pick up information gained from years of offline experience and through the painful and tedious trial and error of others. Applying this knowledge to an online publication can earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars and ensure that you join the league of prosperous Internet publishers.

The following are examples of key principles from offline publishing that are even more important in Internet publishing.

The Idea, the niche

The idea you decide to go with or the niche that you will choose to target is a very crucial decision in any publishing venture.

A good way to test your idea is to ask yourself what problem your information will solve. The more pressing and the scarcer the information you have to offer is the better. And also the higher the chances you will have of succeeding at it.

However it is also true that there is no point in selecting a good niche which you are not able to write about and cater for effectively. Your understanding or lack of understanding of the particular field and industry that your online information-publishing venture is focusing on will tend to quickly show in your writing. So while selecting an idea or niche, settle on one that you know and understand well. Alternatively, it can be on a subject or topic, which you are confident of quickly learning everything there is to know about.

The Style Must Be Entertaining

Writing online can be a very tricky affair. The style that works best is straight to the point concise and easy to read with brief illustrations and examples. The result is that your writing becomes entertaining and folks enjoy reading through what you have to say. Anything less will not work and your Internet information publishing empire will never take off if you don’t get this basic principle right.

Hold your reader captive with valuable insights and tips as well as interesting examples and stories to illustrate the point you are trying to make. This is the only way that they will look forward to receiving your ezine and this will put you in a position to generate tremendous profits.

The Selling System

In offline publishing, marketing and selling of a publication has always been the main determining factor of whether a venture will succeed or not. The World Wide Web, being a huge market where everybody is competing for he attention of audiences, makes this even more important.

A selling or marketing system is crucial to the success of any ezine or Internet publishing enterprise. A system is a laid down procedure for doing something. A good selling or marketing system will not only give you a steady supply of leads but it should also be able to turn a good percentage of those leads into sales. Using affiliates is a powerful selling system, probably the most successful online selling system so far. It was made famous online by There are many other selling systems you can consider to help you sell your information products.

It is amazing how people ignore having a selling system in place when they worry about their systems in every other area and aspect of their businesses. How would you be able to do your accounts without an accounting system? Yet people are happy to handle the most important department of any venture without a system. It is a fact that if you do not generate any sales, there will be no work for your accounts department.

An effective selling system for your ezine or internet publishing project will mean a constant flow of leads and will also ensure that you regularly turn a good percentage of those leads into paying customers.


In the next part of this article we will discuss how you can start making money immediately and shortly after you have launched your online publication. It does not matter if you do not have any subscribers or advertisers, the World Wide Web offers some amazing opportunities you can exploit.


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