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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Most Important Secret to Huge Online Information Publishing Profits

Armed with only the secret you are about to read in this article, success in the tricky but extremely lucrative world of Internet Information Publishing is virtually guaranteed.

It is nothing new. In the offline publishing heydays, many smart publishers used exactly the same secret to maximize on their revenues and to make huge fortunes.

The whole secret is hidden in one simple question you must always ask yourself. The question is;

What do you have?

A few practical examples are in order here so that you can fully grasp this amazing secret.

Tabloid publishers are amongst the most hated group of people amongst celebrities. But many of them made huge fortunes by asking the simple question, what do I have that the public wants badly right now? Rumors about some movie star’s latest fling? Or some dirt brought in by an angry and money-hungry former employee of some famous person. Publications like The National Enquirer, in the US and the notorious News of The World in the UK were able to successfully answer this key question many times. The result is that they were able to churn out stories that sold millions of copies of their publications every week which put millions of dollars into their bank accounts.

On The World Wide Web, a virtually unknown small business asked this critical question just six short years ago. They found that they really had very little. They had no Internet markets experience at all. All they had were some marketing principles that had worked offline. Direct marketing principles that is, which they had used to sell information products in the bricks and mortar world. They were told that these principles were useless online and would not work. On the net a different set of rules applied, the experts told them.

They decided to give it a shot anyway. After all they had nothing to lose.

That small business made $100 million in sales last year and is on track to increase that profit substantially this year. Now everybody is scrambling to copy their model and there are folks online now making money by simply trying to teach the successful business model used by this small business to others.

There is nothing wrong with doing this except that my view is that you are bound to succeed more quickly and make much more money by being you. The way to do that is to ask yourself the simple question, what do you have?

What You Have Doesn’t Have To Be Much
What you have does not have to be much. We have already seen that from the earlier example of a small business that ended up growing into a multi-million shilling enterprise within a very short time.

Here’s a simple example that may apply to you.

All you may have at the moment may be a free-hosted blog on relationships, for instance. Maybe you receive only a handful of hits every day. That’s all.

Here’s what can be done in this case. The idea is to generate revenue and create a hugely successful information product from the little that you have.

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