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Monday, September 19, 2005

How A Self-publishing Writer Can Identify The Best Affiliate Programs

When it comes to selecting lucrative affiliate schemes, self-publishing writers have several advantages over non-writers. Probably the biggest one, even if it is not obvious to most writers, is the fact that a self-publishing writer already has the most lethal and effective marketing weapon known to the online world already in their possession. Others have to pay dearly to have access to this powerful online asset.

Writing and self-publishing or posting articles on the World Wide Web is one of the most effective online marketing tools anywhere. The self-publishing writer has the advantage of being able to do their own writing and in as much quantity as is necessary to be a success. Non-writers who wisely choose to use online self-publishing to market are usually forced to pay another online writer to do their writing for them.

Unfortunately this advantage is not fully appreciated by most self-publishing writers and many do not even believe that well written articles are such a powerful online marketing tool.

Although more and more writers are making serious money online from various affiliate programs, the vast majority remain frustrated and unable to sell their services let alone make any money online from affiliate programs. Yet, make no mistake about it, affiliate programs offer the best opportunity for self-publishing writers to make a regular five or even six figure incomes. The truth of the matter is that it is much simpler for a writer to make serious cash from an affiliate program or two than it is for them to do so just from their writing. More so when you take into consideration the usual rates in the market for online writing.

So how does a self-publishing writer identify the right affiliate programs to join?

The Self-publishing Writer Should Go Where They Will Make The Best Use Of Their Skills

There are dozens of lucrative-looking affiliate programs that are bound to be competing for your attention at any one time. You may even know people who have already made it big with one affiliate program or other. Still a golden rule is that you should never join an affiliate scheme where you cannot make use of your special talents and skills. This is a rule that applies to anybody planning to join any affiliate scheme.

Everybody was born with some special talent. The purpose of that special talent was to get us through this journey called life. Yet most of us have chosen to ignore our talents and have instead preferred to imitate what others are doing as closely as possible. Be warned, doing this is the same as a Lion admiring the way a Cheetah hunts for food, using its’ sheer speed to race across the jungles of Africa to catch a speeding Antelope. Imagine what would happen if the King of the jungle would choose to start hunting like that? The lion is much slower than the Cheetah and has to get very close to it’s intended prey before it shows itself, and races across a shorter distance to catch its’ prey. Still it has the advantage of much more strength and power. A single swipe from its’ front paws can break the neck of most antelopes.

My point here is that we should always look to use our “assets”. The Lion knows better than to try and hunt like a Cheetah, because it would fail miserably. And that is precisely the reason why most folks fail at the affiliate programs they join.

A self-publishing writer is bound to be a very skilled or talented writer. So why not join an affiliate program where you can make use of this advantage? Why waste your time joining an affiliate program where you have to send out your ads to hundreds of safe lists or do some other unfamiliar online chores to succeed when you can write?

One Affiliate Program Where Self-publishing Writers Are Making A Fortune

The Google Adsense Program is an example of a popular affiliate program where self-publishing writers are already making a killing. Make no mistake about it, it is not easy to make money from Adsense, but self-publishing writers have a huge advantage over non-writers.

When I first joined the Adsense program I was bitterly disappointed at what I was earning. But then I soon noted that I was doing very little writing and spending all my time trying to find some magic formula to instantly start earning thousands of dollars. Although I acknowledged that I had a lot to learn, I decided to make use of what I already had - writing skills. So I started writing like crazy. It worked. I created many pages within my blogs and sure enough my earnings started rising steadily. Even as I continued to learn and put my knowledge into practice.

You will not make instant wealth from Adsense, but it represents one of the best and most viable long-term Affiliate programs for any self-publishing writer to consistently make a regular five or six figure income. Especially those prepared to use their writing skills to the maximum even as they learn about the right keywords to use to maximize on earnings.

Actually to be totally honest, Adsense is one of the easiest affiliate programs to start making money from quickly. Other programs (apart from writing ones) have taken me months to earn a pittance. With Adsense, the first few cents were flowing in within a few days.

Self-publishing Writers Should Look For Affiliate Programs For Writers

There are not many affiliate programs for writers around yet, but a few good ones exist. And before I recommend one, let us make sure that we understand and fully appreciate the full value of an affiliate program specifically for self-publishing writers.

One of the other golden rules for making serious money from an affiliate scheme is to join a program dealing in a product or service that has a high and rising demand. There is a huge and rising demand for online writing. This demand is set to grow for many years to come. So any affiliate program for writers that allows a writer to refer other writers and earn revenue from this is very valuable because it means that a self-publishing writer can cash in on the demand for online writing by earning an income from other people’s writing. If that affiliate program also sells articles on behalf of writers and also allows writers with blogs or sites to refer webmasters looking to purchase content to that site then we are in serious business.

There is actually such a site. Click on the link below and when you get to the site look on your left around the middle, where it says ‘become an author”. Clicking on those words will take you directly to information on registration for writers.

Site that sells articles for writers

The Importance Of Patience

The World Wide Web is the most wonderful and amazing business tool ever invented. But it does not make the success rules that are as old as time itself, obsolete. These rules for success still apply. What the net has done is to speed up things. Still this does not mean that folks should expect to make a fortune in a day or two from a new program they have joined and when they don’t they get bitterly disappointed.

I get amazed at the expectations of most people I come across on the net. Folks are actually expecting free money that they will not need to put in any work for.

Remember that there is the learning process in any new affiliate program and then it will take a little time for things to start happening or to take off. Patience is important. You wouldn’t buy some stock today and then throw it out of the window after a day or two because it lost value, would you? Yet that is exactly what many people do with affiliate schemes.

Remember that when you join an affiliate program that is free to join, it really isn’t free. It usually demands a very valuable asset from you that cannot be replaced by any amount of money. And that is time. You will spend a lot of valuable time reading and getting to learn all you can about the affiliate program. The valuable asset of all that time you invested is thrown out of the window when you end up abandoning the program.

Just bear in mind that you have made the right decision as a self-publishing writer to join an affiliate program where you can make full use of your writing skills and talent. Then be patient as you get to learn and as you wait for what you are doing to take effect. Most people who earn $45,000 or more per month need many years of formal training, on-the-job training and experience or careful investment to reach that income level. But for a self-publishing writer using the web in this day and age, it takes a much shorter time. Some have done it within a year or so. That’s still a very short time.

So do remember that one of the most important things a self-publishing writer needs to be able to make it with affiliate programs is a little patience.

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