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Friday, June 03, 2005

Writer's market exchange ads

(Read our terms and conditions as well as tips on how you can benefit from this at the link:-


One of my best markets. This client owns a number of websites and blogs on a wide range of different subjects. Registered writers write and post any article at any of the sites, as long as they are relevant. With all the other masses of boring writing work I do with strict rules and guidelines, working for this client is very refreshing and liberating and helps me retain my sanity with the others. And I still get paid $300 for writing stuff that I enjoy writing. Many times I even write about my personal experiences. Client pays by personal check or Paypal, you choose which one you prefer. Have worked for this client for over 5 months now.

I am willing to trade this market for any opportunity that has the potential of paying a similar amount monthly, or more.

Write to natashanachris at


carpesomediem said...

Are you talking about Adapt, Inc?

tash said...

Please use email. Don't want to give guys any clues.

carpesomediem said...

lol. It's not that hard to figure it out. Not many markets are paying exactly that much per month, and it's a free market, anyways.

chris said...

You may be wrong you know.

carpesomediem said...

The whole point of being part of the freelance community is to be just that: A community. Keeping secrets like this and only sharing them by trying to get something out of it is hardly part of the community, you do see that, right?

Only by working together can we actually pull off making more than we are now, not by being isolationists.

chris said...

Thank you for your rather active participation. I really appreciate it and I'll do everything in my power to turn you into a happy regular visitor of this blog one day.

I'm open to suggestions on how this can work in any other way other than the current one where people trade their valuable contacts. It's all supossed to benefit the writer.