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Monday, June 27, 2005

My answer to a reader's email question

Mr. Kyalo,

I took your advice, and wrote (or at least,
submitted) some articles that I have been writing
and compiling for a book I hope to publish in the
near future.

Apparently, the articles are desirable, since they
were downloaded almost a hundred times in just a few
days on "".
So, what do I do next, to make them profitable, as

Thanks for your advice!

My answer

Dear (name with-held)

Thank you for writing.

You can launch a blog and post your articles there.
Apply to google adsense to be allowed to post their
pay-per-click ads - that's how you can start earning
income. You can also post a few good affiliate links
at the same blog.

Getting traffic to your blog should not be too
difficult, you can use your articles' resource box and
traffic exchange sites.

If you visit my other blog

You'll get loads of tips here, on how you can do this and more.

Don't hesitate to write again if you have any more
questions. I'll be delighted to know how you're
getting on.


Bob Curtis said...

Dear Chris,
Thanks for the advice! It certainly pays to keep up the research and to keep trying. I have now set up my website,, and have posted a number of my articles that did so well at other sites. I have also set up an e-mail for response to my writings at Again, thanks for the assistance! It was tremendous. I am continuing to research the web for pay sites to submit to.

credit cards now said...

howdy.. reading your blog gave me goose pimples all over my body, but i noticed you don't have adsense paying keyword anywhere?!?! Goggle adsense will make u mad cash a\if you use adsense paying keyword. what do ya think?