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Friday, June 03, 2005

Market exchange for online writers

Today we launch a valuable new service for our regular readers that will help writers instantly increase their earnings from their writing efforts. This is the market exchange for online writers.

To qualify to participate, you must have at least one market that you have regularly written for, for over a month (and preferably longer) and gotten paid for it. If you have not yet done this, don’t worry, you can start off relying on the regular leads we give at this blog. You can then participate in our writer’s market exchange later, when you have established yourself writing for somebody.

As a writer with several valuable markets, you only have to offer one for exchange. Remember that by using only one market and trading it with 9 other writers in exchange for theirs, you could easily multiply your earnings by 9 times (or more) using your single market. Even offline and print markets are acceptable as long as the work can be submitted online via email or by posting at a site.

For the best results select a good market, possibly your best. There are several reasons for this.

- A good market will attract many more good markets and writers with equally attractive markets wanting to trade with you.

- You need to look at every writer you trade markets with as a life-long valuable contact who is bound to be useful to you again and again in future. You will have their email address and you can keep in touch and help each other out for a long time to come. You can even do more trades in future. In this way, you are bound to become a $100,000 writer much faster. Remember that it is much easier making $100,000 with help from others, rather than by lone ranger tactics.

- Some people have met their future spouses in circumstances very similar to this one. (That is not our objective at this blog but even if we wanted to, we can’t stop it). So it pays to be in your best possible behavior - you never know. It does not pay to be dishonest and to lie to other writers about your market, always stick to the truth and the bare facts.

There are two ways that you can participate in this exciting writer’s market exchange.

(i) You can advertise your writer’s market so that other writers write to you via email and you will then select which opportunities you want to trade yours with. An ad at this blog is FREE all you need to do is send your advert via email to the blog editor at umissedthis at


(ii) You can wait to read other writer’s ads and decide which market seems right for you.

The first method is much faster, remember that we are trying to become $100,000 annually ($8,334 per month) writers at this blog.

Finally a word of caution. Although we will do our very best to protect our readers from scums and the many dangers of the online world, you are totally responsible for your own actions and security when replying to ads at our writer’s market exchange. Always be careful and cautious when exchanging emails with others. I believe if you are careful, there is very little to lose and a lot to gain from this new service.

We just have one very strict rule. NO PORN SITES ALLOWED.


See the post directly below this one to find our first writer’s market exchange ad from one of our regular readers.


carpesomediem said...

So, why was your other blog deleted from Blogdrive? Is it possible you spammed people to death?

chris said...

SPAM@#*!!???? No chance. To be totally honest, I don't know to this day, what rule I broke. Have sent them an email but they didn't bother to reply - I guess that says a lot. I suspect if the guys are genuine, it was the traffic that was too high. And if they're not genuine (which I highly suspect) then it could be anything. Had never heard of them before, got them through a search engine (never again. Don't know what got to me when there are a handful of other reliable guys, like blogger. Now I have this terrible image problem with you and lots of other folks out there.)

Hey you Blogdrive guys, I challenge you to reply here at this blog and tell the whole world why you deleted my account without any communication to date?

carpesomediem said...

You're spamming like crazy... they keep deleting your "ads," which frankly, you aren't offering work - you're offering advice... you realize that by continuing to do that, it's a violation of many blog services Terms and Conditions?

chris said...

You're a clever girl (if you are a girl that is) to choose this form of communication when you clearly have an agenda or mission to accomplish. Kindle re-read the rules at And if you are genuine, please use email to "educate me" on this matters.

tash said...

I have received a good response from my exchange ad. Have already done some work. Thanx. I'll post another exchange ad soon

carpesomediem said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
atomicvelvetsigh said...

oh, ok.. after reading the comments im now having second thoughts... and i have set a rule in mind to know if such "advice" are for real...