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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Search Engine Marketing Articles: Base Them All On Your Web Stats And Pull In Tons Of Traffic

Did you know that your web stats are a valuable source of search engine marketing articles? In fact it is possible to build up a sizeable amount of traffic to your site with articles based on nothing else but your web stats on the visitors you are currently receiving and where they are coming from. And your traffic does not need to be high for you to accomplish this marketing feat with your search engine articles, it can still be achieved even if you currently have less than 100 page views a day.

They say that many times we seek the solution from outside when it is within and this is why looking within is such a powerful business strategy. But even more telling is the fact that statistics always tell a story and in this case your web statistics are speaking very loudly to you but you’re not listening. Even the all powerful search engines are speaking to you but it seems you’re not interested.

But what can you really do with mere statistics?

Popular Pages And Search Engine Marketing Articles
Your stats will usually show you the most popular current pages on your web site. These are the pages that your prospects find the most captivating and engrossing. The immediate thing you can do is write more search engine marketing articles filling in the gaps in the topic and theme. Once you’ve posted the new articles make sure that you link to them from your popular pages. The immediate effect of this is that your current visitors will spend more time at your site. Research after research has proved beyond any doubt that the longer your visitors stay at your site, the more profitable they are to you.

Remember the more related search engine marketing articles you write, the more page views and the longer your visitors will hang around taking in all the valuable information they crave for.

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