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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Understanding That Online Writing is Business Writing Will Make You a Fortune

Never before in the history of the business of writing have opportunities
opened up and presented themselves in such a large quantity and scale for
writers to easily win so much regular business and revenue.

If you know anything about writers of old you will know that they mostly
starved, some to death. Yes, they often had to pay such a high price
for their love of writing.

Today everything has changed so dramatically and so suddenly. Thanks
mainly to the internet and the huge hungry market it continues to
build at high every day, the business of writing has been changed

Sadly however, many writers are yet to fully wake up to the new
realties of the internet and the fresh and different business
and revenue opportunities that are suddenly within such easy
reach of any writer. Many offline writers are still
stuck saying that they will never write $3 or $5 articles (see my
article on this controversial subject at

Yet the same writers had no problem starting off their careers
writing 10-cents-per-word articles in the old days. Some even wrote
for publications that pay in copies and others that don’t even pay (just
to get clippings of their published work. And yet those clippings were
not anywhere near as effective as “online writing clippings” – that
is your articles posted free at article sites, can be today).

But for you to succeed as an online writer you must first understand
that all online writing is business writing. In the bricks and mortar
world business writing is writing about boring stocks and sometimes
boring companies and trying to explain why they are so successful
or why they have failed. Incidentally I personally find such
writing fascinating.

In online writing, the business writing is different. You can write
on any subject, giving a lot of useful details and advice but in
the end, you must find a way of getting readers to do what you want
them to do. Your objective could be to get them to visit your website
or blog for more information and this win higher traffic, which
gives you many possibilities. Or your objective could be to get
them to head straight to your affiliate website.

In other words your writing is always business writing because the
end objective is to sell something, even if it is just ideas. And
yet the moment your writing looks like it is selling, it will be
shunned and people will not want to come anywhere near your writing.
A good example is this article that you are reading so eagerly. It
is actually selling something. Get my point? The kind of writing
articles do online is very different.

Any writer who understands that all online writing is business
writing puts themselves in a very good position to make a fortune
from their online business writing.

For example it will become much easier to attract clients because
no website will assign you to write something that does not help them
sell something.

This business writing that is done online has become even more
interesting in recent times because a huge market has developed for writers
who can write content to attract specific Google adsense advertisements.
Let me explain in a little more detail for the sake of the uninitiated.
Most people who carry Google adsense advertisements quickly notice
that it is extremely important to attract higher paying ads. The way
to do this is by using certain keywords. Usually common keywords in
most subjects will attract low bids (because there are numerous sites
where these ads can be successfully posted) meaning that the revenue
Google shares with the site owner carrying their ads, for clicks will
tend to be low. More unique and rare keywords will tend to attract ads
that have much higher bids on them. There are actually certain Google
ads that pay as much as $100 per click.

The kind of business writing required here is where unique keywords
will be used without the content losing its’ original value and meaning.
There are probably hundreds of thousands of sites that carry Google
ads and many of them are not happy with their earnings and would like
to earn more. Business writing from online writers who understand
exactly what the client wants is in very high demand. By the way it
is very easy for an online writer to quickly become an expert in
this sort of business writing by simply setting up their own blog and
applying to post Google ads and then learning and practicing their
online business writing skills on their own site to start with. They
can even use the same site to attract clients and writing business.

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