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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

How to get lots of business writing online articles

There’s lots of writing business available online for any freelancer. Just think about it for a minute, every website and every blog needs good writing. Contrast this to the situation before when only a few thousand publications required the services of somebody in the business of writing or a freelancer for that matter. The competition for these writing outlets was so stiff that many of leading ones received thousands of enquiries and proposals from writers every month.

Currently there is a higher demand online for good writing than most of the current online writers can satisfy and what’s more, this demand is growing daily.

Let us look at a few of the techniques you can use to win some of this writing business.

Read ads at writing sites for business

This is exactly how I got my very first client. And let me make it clear that it was a FREE site. The pay wasn’t much, but he forced me to open a Paypal account because it was the only way he made payments. Then he had this software that forced you to write a keyword article in the right way otherwise the software would not be able to save your writing. Before I wrote those articles I was a very experienced offline freelance writer, and I had been online for about a decade but still I learnt a lot working for that client and I will be forever grateful. Bless his soul wherever he is now.

Use a search engine to find all the freelance writing sites that you can and then carefully read the advertisements there and write to a few requesting for work. It won’t be long before some business comes your way.

Remember that clients will always request for writing samples. It is useful to write something and post at sites that accept articles to be posted free. You will then have a link to refer your clients to.

Advertise for business at writing sites

Some freelance writing sites allow freelance writers to advertise for clients and business at their sites for free. This is how I won some of my big clients. Read the advertisements written by the other freelancers at these sites and try and write a better one for yourself.

It is interesting that some freelance writing sites are so effective that almost six months after I had posted my first ad I was still receiving email enquiries from clients that were referring to the ad.

I found these effective sites by trial and error and you can do the same.

Write directly to website owners or affiliates for business

Visit any website and you will see immediately see if they need a writer. Many webmasters may not even have a budget for these services. Send a polite brief email to them and see if you can start off by doing a few articles for a very low and affordable rate and then building up from there. For example if you got only 20 such sites and they paid you only $5 per article every week, that would be $100 a week. Not the sort of cash to get excited about, but a beginning. Remember just like in any other business online writing requires you to make a break and then everything falls in place.

Use the power of the blog to get lots of writing business

Blogs get read a lot. That’s why they are such a powerful marketing tool. You can read my article on how to get high traffic to your blog at the following link

Use your writing skills to promote business at your own affiliate program

The main objective of this blog is to get as many writers as possible to that level where they are pulling in business worth $100,000 per year. One of the quickest ways of achieving this objective is by combining your writing income with income from a good affiliate scheme where instead of spending money buying ads, you use your writing skills to write and post articles all over the net that attract traffic to your affiliate site.

The advantage of this strategy is that you will write your articles once but it will continue to pull in traffic for you for years. And what’s more is the fact that good articles will tend go viral, meaning that they will be posted and re-posted all over the web. Read how my article posted in only a few sites rapidly got re-posted to 16,000 other sites all over the net.

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