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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Huge amounts of traffic from my articles, and on auto-pilot too

I specialize in writing articles that generate traffic. I've had single articles that have easily generated 10,000 hits (and still counting). Accept my very special offer to write 10 high traffic-generating articles for your site so that you too can see for yourself what I am talking about here. We will post the articles both at your site and at a special high traffic articles directory to help generate maximum traffic to your site. My special offer for these 10 articles including keyword research and posting at the special high traffic articles directory, is only $150 (that's $15 per article for all the hard work that needs to go into them) and I am looking for a certain number of clients only to fill in some extra time I now have on my hands as a result of finding myself between projects and also because one of my main sites has recently moved into auto pilot traffic generation – all from promotional articles.

Please email me now for more details at ckyalo at gmail dot com.

The first clients I sign up will each get a bonus of 20 free articles from me (to be written and posted over one month after your initial 10 have been delivered).

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