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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vital Online Freelance Writer Skill: How To Write Fast

It is absolutely important for a freelance online writer to be able to write fast. Here are a few tips to help you write a lot faster.

i) Create new article titles from ideas that come as you write.
As you start writing your first article, other ideas will come to you. Instead of trying to squeeze them all into one article, just create other article titles below your article even as you write your first article. When you are done with the first article, move on to the next article title and keep on doing the same thing. Not only will you be able to write many more articles, but your articles will be more tightly focused into a single idea per article. This is easier to read and understand than an article that is cluttered with so many ideas.

ii) Time yourself and move to another article when the time is up
You will be amazed at how fast your speed improves when you start timing yourself. Give yourself 10 minutes per article and move on to the next article when that time is up. Don't worry because you will return to go over the articles again later and correct grammatical, spelling and other errors. At first it may be difficult but with time, this will give your mind the discipline required to write much more than you are doing currently.

iii) Write list articles
This article that you are currently reading started out as a list article. I quickly listed all the techniques that can be used by an online writer to write faster and then I explained each one in more detail. This is actually the fastest way to write an article. It is also the preferred format for online readers who tend to quickly scheme through articles. Hen it is in this list format it is a lot easier to read and understand quickly.

iv) Write what you know
As an online freelance writer you will be called on to write about all sorts of topics that you may not be familiar with. Do plenty of research and reading before you write the first article. You will notice that the more articles you write, the more familiar you will be with the topic and your writing will also improve. Never attempt to write about topics that you hardly understand, it will always show in your writing.

v) Practice, practice, practice
There is no substitute for practice. Just keep on practicing and record the number of articles that you have written on a daily basis. Within no time, you will see your speed improving dramatically.

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